07 FEBRUARY 2016

Artists That Shaped Greece

I wish there was a way to transcend the difficulties in translation and transmit the very essence of the poetry and stories of Greece.
Such a magic means has yet to be discovered and poets like Odisseas Elitis are considered to be almost untranslatable, despite the significant efforts of a great many poets and translators; unfortunately, they all fall short compared to the power of the Greek words set out on paper ever so skillfully by this ever so amorous pilgrim of love.

Still, following the spirit and music of the great musician Mikis Theodorakis, the understanding of so complex concepts suddenly becomes simple and effortless, as his notes take you on a trip to every corner of Greece. The land of the senses is unlocked for you then, as you travel with the sounds of an ethereal bouzouki into a land of white and blue.

Follow us in this trip.

In our blog we will try to introduce you to the people who shaped the artistic and cultural face of Greece – great artists such as poets, writers, novelists, singers and painters.

We will try to show you that Greece is not only the destinations we are going to visit, the mountains, islands and beaches.  Greece is also the sentiment one carries with him on his way home, the sentiment you feel when you study Homer, Kavafes and Seferis, the vibrant colors and traditional figures in the paintings of Theofilos.

We want to guide you in this magic land in any way possible – follow us for more!
Special thanks to our affiliate photographer Elias Massaro for his photo - find more about him here


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