Loukoumades by Leila

Somewhere in between taking photos, flying my drone, drinking awarded wine and eating local delicacies, I came across this wonderful lady and entrepreneur, Leila. Leila runs a canteen set near the mountain village of Christos-Raches in Ikaria that serves the trekkers and nature seekers who frequent the many hiking trails and natural settings of the area.

While her fare may be somewhat limited it is well known for a few of her special servings and the organic ingredients that she uses. One of her most famous treats is loukoumades. To describe in my poor way, let's say that they are...'honey balls'. There are two recipes: one with mastic (A unique Greek product from the resin of the Mastic tree, a tree known for its amazing health properties) and whole wheat flour while the other is made with ouzo, and potato (recipe from an old yiayia) and both topped with locally produced honey or chocolate.

Beyond these special delicacies, she offers various sandwiches made from local ingredients which also reinforce her reputation for natural and healthy food. If you're in the area, stop by, say "Hi" to Leila and enjoy her unique servings, tell her that I am coming back soon with some friends




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