Ikaria: An Island of Festivals

In the Aegean Sea, there exists a strip of land with a history so old it gets lost between the real and the legendary.
The island of Ikaria is pristine, pure and unspoiled, with a beauty so natural that it touches your inner Eden.

The locals, warm and inviting, make you feel, instantly, at home without the commercial pressures of typical tourist destinations. This atmosphere allows you to discover the island at your own pace and in your own way but with local guidance merely a question away.

Apart from Ikaria's primal beauty, its most engaging social activities are its many festivals. Should you find yourself at one of the many local festivals, thank the Olympian gods for your good fortune, as you will enjoy a unique Greek experience.
You will be drawn into the traditional dances by the local setting and the rhythm of the music. From dusk till dawn, young and old come together to eat, drink, sing and celebrate, but mostly to dance. Not only will you dance the traditional Greek dances but you will waltz and tango with the locals, needing only their enthusiasm and practiced footwork, along with the music's rhythm, to join the circle and look the practiced dancer. Now, confident with your own footwork and unable to resist the joy of the party, you can try your hand - and foot - at some of the more challenging traditional dances.

The mood this experience creates will linger in your heart as your mind replays, over and over, the now familiar music long after the day has gone.



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