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Published On: December 9, 20182.8 min read

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Central Greece is an area of the country that is often ignored. 

Torn between the pull of the cosmopolitan capital, a beating heart of towering cultural and religious significance, and the sweet siren call of the islands with their pristine waters and balmy temperatures, visitors are called to prioritize, and the little known villages of central Greece are left untouched. 

This isn’t necessarily a bad outcome. Village life continues unperturbed as children go to school and workers head to their fields, their shops and their offices. Olive trees persistent in their goal to dominate the landscape, spread their roots deep into the ground all the while offering all of us their precious cargo. As you wander around the ancient ruins of Delphi and let your eyes rest across the vast panorama laying before you, past and present seem entwined. 

Some of the changes, are more subtle, requiring a closer look from those that have seen the past unfold. Acres of land once full of seeds and fruit now lay unplowed and barren waiting for a new generation to care for them. While houses that led to the cheers of children, tables set to feed three generations and backyards full of animals, now carry the small and cautious footsteps of their few aging inhabitants. 

Doors are entrances into homes. They are also carriers of stories, and to read the tale you will need to step through them. 

What are you to discover then, if you step through to read the tale of our villages, our carriers of human stories, our past and hopefully our future. 

Enjoy this short tour around Central Greece… their stories await you.


Soft monochrome details on a door handle in an old villa house.

Nature winning the fight over this old rusty door in a village outside Amfissa.


Red faded letters that used to spell “pantopoleio” the shop that sells everything – or as it is commonly known “mini-market”.

Location, Amfissa.


Once upon a time this house would have offered a great view, electric switch to the left still visible.

Location, Chrisso – Central Greece.


Pure and warm evening sun bathing this house front with light. Someone inside is waking from their siesta and preparing for their evening Greek coffee.


Half wall, half door support and half decoration for nature. Walk through for a refreshing homemade lemonade while you look out to the monastery of Osios Loukas.


You might knock, but no one will answer. But once, the elite of this area danced behind these heavy wooden doors opening into high ceilings and marble floors.


When the sun is high, these shutters stay tightly shut. But once they open it’s play time, us children are finally allowed to go out running and yelling. And if it’s summer we get treated to ice cream!


When grandpa was with us, he used to re-plaster all of the walls and paint them white, it helped keep the houses cool and dry and made them all look nicer. Now someone else will need to learn how to do it.


This is Arahova. A small, picturesque village up in the mountains. Follow the path to see the view of the snow capped mountains. Other alleys will take you straight to the tavern for some heart warming food.

Rania Kalogirou

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