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We love Delphi. At least once a year we try to spend time here. The heart of Greece, which used to be the Center of the Ancient World, is a concentrated piece of the pure essence of Greece. It is the perfect spot to meet the authentic Greek culture and be exposed, in a slow, pleasant and relaxing way, to history, sights and sensational experiences. 

We propose to you a five day trip to the core of Greece, in Delphi, where its beating heart is hidden.  We will get you in touch with all the famous and secret aspects of this land that once you experience you will never forget.

The available dates for this trip are:

29 May- 2 June ( 5 days – 4 nights)

If you are interested in any other dates, please contact us and we will seek to accommodate you as best we can.

Itinerary Description

  • Visitors all over the world come to see and feel its unique atmosphere and energy as Delphi has been for centuries the most important political and religious centre of Greece and the whole Ancient World. So many things could be said about the history and the importance of this cultural place and it’s really worth spending time in the ruins of this great past.  
  • But very few get to know the secrets of its more recent past that prove its timeless cultural value. We will love to show you the House of Delphic Festivals, where a very significant history of modern cultural Greek tradition was written. Also not very far away we can visit the Monastery of Hosios Loukas an astonishing sample of Byzantine architecture and art, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. 
Delphi Tour
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Delphi, Central Greece

  • From your very first moment in Delphi, you will feel that you stand with one foot at the beautiful Mount Parnassos and with the other at the beach of the Corinthian Gulf. The combination of the grey and brown of the ancient rocks that embrace Delphi with the silver green of the olive trees and the sea blue of the Corinthian Gulf that pays tribute to the sacred place, will immediately capture your eyesight in a way that will mark your memory.
  • You will also visit the cosmopolitan Arachova that skiers travel to every winter as well as the traditional Polydrosso and Eptalofo villages of Parnassos, where you can taste local wine and traditional dishes.  Here the past meets the present. Old stone houses and new lodges that respect the environment stand beside the rivers with small lovely waterfalls, under the shadow of firs and plane trees. The villagers are so hospitable, the tavernas and the little shops are full of local treats and tastes, like locally made honey, nutritious rusks, fruits and nuts.
Delphi Tour Arahova Village Central Greece
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Arahova, Central Greece

  • Each little village of the Delphi region has its special character and beauty. Chrisso at the foot of Delphi is an elegant little village with an astonishing view, where you can enjoy a pleasant walk, admire an exceptional collection of traditional costumes, jewellery and embroideries and enjoy local refreshments of Greek coffee at the square of the village, under the plane trees with the sound of singing little birds. From Chrisso you can see Galaxidi, a favourite place for yacht and sailing boat travellers. We will also visit this old picturesque village and its glorious maritime past.  The old captain houses and its beautiful churches stand proudly by the sea relaxing with their sight every visitor.
  • Next stop will be in Amfissa. Hidden at the end of the Delphic olive grove is a small little town, with old neighbourhoods and traditional cafes, where past rushes into contemporary life. Each little corner carries myths and stories that our friends there will be thrilled to share with us.
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Amfissa, Central Greece

  • During your stay, we will feel the ambiance of traditional and elegant urban houses while you will be exposed to procedures and little secrets that every Greek household keeps like a treasure. Experienced local women, with attention to detail and respect for traditions, will share with us their knowledge of making bread, preparing olives and making oil or olive soaps. Finally, we will have the chance to see how homemade cosmetics are done by local women.
  • The physical landscape of the ancient Delphi is the perfect scenery to explore the pure Greek way of living. On this trip, you will discover it in a relaxing manner in the company of friends that share the same interests and needs.

For the detailed itinerary please contact us here.
* Note: The above destinations may possibly change based on the dates of your trip.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is this a private or a group tour?

This is a special trip we organize only for women for this upcoming May. We encourage women to join in and participate in this unique experience. There is no age limit or any skills requirement. Groups or individuals are welcome.

What are the dates for the Ancient Beauty From Then To Now trip?

The dates are:

29 May – 2 June ( 5 days-4 nights)

Please contact us for more details.  

Is this an all inclusive trip?

The tour cost includes all accommodation, all tour transportation costs from the point of arrival to the point of departure; also meals are included (breakfast, lunch/dinner); and finally, all guided tours and other activities. Not included in the price are visa, travel insurance, tips, gifts, extra drinks and personal expenses in general. However, please note that you are responsible for arranging your international flight to Athens which will be our starting destination for this trip. 

I have more questions, how will I contact you?

Great! Please follow this link so we can arrange a suitable time for a Skype or Viber/WhatsApp chat.