Footsteps of Cultural and Religious Inheritance

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The available dates for this trip are: 

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  • Our trip will begin in the capital of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki. Known as the second largest city in Greece, this picturesque place is one of the main points of the tour. It has been the commercial and cultural centre of the Balkans and is home to many beautiful and well-preserved Byzantine monuments. It was here in Thessaloniki where Apostle Paul preached, founded a church and wrote his two Thessalonian epistles.

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  • A short drive up to Kavala, built on the ancient city of Neapolis and one of the most picturesque harbour towns in Greece. Kavala was built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mt. Symvolo and it here we find the Holy Cathedral of Apostle Paul, one of the many churches founded by him. 


  • We will continue onto Phillipi, known as the most important archaeological site of Eastern Macedonia. Phillipi was once an impressive Roman colony and is now known for its characteristic monuments of the Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian periods. One of the first ever Christian churches built in Europe can be found here which was also founded and established by Apostle Paul. By this, Phillipi became a metropolis of Christianity. The Saint spoke fondly of the Phillipians as is expressed in his Phillipians epistle which he wrote while imprisoned in Rome.

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  • Our next stop will be where Apostle Paul preached to the people of Veria, about the Gospel, faith, salvation and love. Because of his teachings and preaching the Verians and Jews in the town converted their belief to the new religion. After his firsty visit, Apostle Paul would return years later and be equally welcomed. His preaching had a great impact on the people of Veria which helped pave the way for the first steps of Christianity and the Christian faith in Greece. Today, in the area where Apostle Paul used to preach the Christian faith stands a religious monument called the “St. Paul Tribune” decorated with awe-inspiring mosaic murals.


  • We will then travel down to Vergina, a village in Imathia, Central Macedonia. Vergina is home to the most important archaeological discovery of the 20th century. The tombs of King Philip II and another tomb which is believed to belong to Alexander IV, the grandson of Philip II and son of Alexander the Great, can be seen here. The village is located on the foothills of Mt. Peria, the first ancient kingdom of Macedonia and was once called Aigia. We will also explore ruins of an ancient acropolis, a palace, theater, shrines and private buildings from the 3rd millennia BC. Apostle Paul did not step foot onto the grounds of this beautiful village but we will be because it is one of the most striking of places to visit in Greece.

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  • Home to one of the most peculiar and fascinating UNESCO Heritage sites, our next stop will be Meteora. Monasteries atop inaccessible rock formations have stunned all that visit the area since the 11th Century AD. Hermit monks are the ones to thank for creating such an unrealistic and jaw-dropping scenery. Out of the 30 monasteries, only 7 remain active today and are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The monasteries are accessible and open to visitors and we will be enjoying the view from the top of them. 


  • Before continuing with the path of Apostle Paul we will stop at Osios Loukas, a majestic monastery found on the west slope of Mt. Helikon. This sublime monastery is enclosed by a wall and is composed of a bell tower at the south-western side and two adjoining churches. This monastery dates back to the 11th century BC and is absolutely worth a visit. A mountain sanctuary with nothing but birds and nature around that relaxes the eye and soothes the soul. 

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Osios Loukas Monastery


  • We will then spend some time in the capital and largest city of Greece, Athens. Apostle Paul spent some time here preaching to the locals in the synagogue. He landed in Athens by boat that anchored at Faliro a port located between the Kifissos riverbed and the church of Agios Georgios. After some time, his words were noticed and he was taken to the High Court to preach formally and in more detail. This action also gave way to the establishment and construction of Apostle Paul’s church located very close to the heart of Athens. 


  • Our last stop would be Patmos Island. Known to be the Island of the Apocalypse and the Jerusalem of the Aegean, Patmos Island is home to many beautiful and wondrous sights. It also has it’s own important religious history as St. John the Theologian wrote the book of the Apocalypses here. Due to this Patmos has been proclaimed a “Holy Island” by law of the national parliament. The monastery of St. John and the Cave of the Apocalypse are part of the World Heritage Monuments.

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For the detailed itinerary please contact us here. The above destinations may alter based on the dates of the trip.

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