Client Terms and Conditions

Booking Conditions

We at Definitely Greece want you to have a quality, stress-free and relaxing trip. Therefore, we provide the following booking conditions for you to know your rights and obligations with us. Please take the time to read them carefully. Upon confirming your trip, we are to assume that you have indeed read and agreed to the conditions stated below. We believe that our tours are made for travelers who seek unique, enjoyable and memorable experiences in an optimistic, open-minded and light atmosphere.

In these booking conditions, all references to “itinerary”, “trip”, “tour”, “booking/s”, and “excursion/s” means your holiday arrangements with Definitely Greece unless stated otherwise. For references to “you”, “your”, “party”, “companions”, “client/s” means all the people named in the booking of the trip with us. For references to “we”, “our” and “us” means Definitely Greece.

All the information below will be as is unless agreed upon otherwise. These conditions can be updated and changed at any point in time without notice.


Upon choosing your preferred itinerary, a deposit will need to be made to secure your trip with us. All our trips require a non-refundable deposit of 30% of your trips total cost. The deposit amount will be provided to you via email on the day of booking. Payment must be made 4 days after receiving the email. The full payment will need to be made 8 weeks prior to your arrival date after the deposit has been received. If we do not receive all your payments in full by the due date provided to you by us, we will assume that you have canceled your trip and we will be entitled to keep all payments and deposits made until that date. In case you want to keep your reservation and booking with us but have exceeded the due date, we will need a proper email requesting an extension. Please note the extra charges will apply. We accept wire transfer and Paypal.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations By You

Should you or any one of your companions choose to cancel your booking, for any reason, once it has been confirmed and paid, you will be entitled to a refund. (GMT +3) However, the refundable amount will depend on the days prior to your trip and will exclude the initial 30% booking deposit.

If you choose to cancel after confirmation of your trip with Definitely Greece and if your arrival date is:

  • 60 days away – You will be entitled to a 60% refund of the total price excluding the non-refundable deposit amount.
  • 40 to 59 days away – You will be entitled to a 50% refund of the total price excluding the non-refundable deposit amount
  • 20 to 39 days away – You will be entitled to a 30% refund of the total price excluding the non-refundable deposit amount
  • 10 to 19 days away – You will be entitled to a 20% refund of the total price excluding the non-refundable deposit amount
  • 9 days or less – You will not be entitled to any refund

For trips that are booked far in advance (arrival date exceeds 2 months) and for any reason need to be canceled, you will receive your full amount excluding the non-refundable deposit.

Changes and Cancellations By Definitely Greece

We at Definitely Greece will do everything to make sure that all inclusions in our itineraries are smooth sailing for you and your companions during your chosen trips with us. In no circumstance will we cancel your trip with Definitely Greece after confirmation of booking unless there are reasons beyond our control that make it impossible to continue. In the unlikely event of Definitely Greece needing to cancel your trip, a reasonable refund will be made to you.

In regard to minor changes in your itinerary, including but not inclusive to bus departures, archeological visit times or other unforeseen schedule changes, you will be notified accordingly. For more significant alterations to your itinerary, which could include accommodation or transportation matters, you will be compensated through the following:

  • With regards to changes in your itinerary due to transportation matters, Definitely Greece will surely provide you with another transportation with similar quality of what we offered with no additional cost.
  • With regards to changes in your itinerary due to accommodation matters, we will be sure to provide you with the choice of having another accommodation with similar quality, and rank as the one initially agreed upon or any alternative arrangements.

However, if you do not accept any of the alternative arrangements that we provide with good reason, we will be sure to pay you a reasonable amount of compensation which has taken into account all possible circumstances.

General Health and Fitness/ Medical Conditions/ Disabilities

We at Definitely Greece want all of our clients to have an exceptional holiday with us. In order for us to build an itinerary that fits all the needs of the party, we need to know if the group, family, or individual may have some health issues, medical concerns, and/ or disabilities. By nature, the majority of our group tours may require a lot of walking and we want all our clients not to have difficulty or put a strain on themselves when on a trip with us. Due to the fact that most of our excursions and tours involve walking through terrains and archaeological sites under the hot summer sun, it could be both very physically draining and mentally challenging. With that being said, we require our clients who want to participate in our group tours to be at a physical level that can allow them to get the most out of their trip or be prepared with any means of medication that they may need while on tour. However, we believe in making dreams come true, therefore, we do cater to people with disabilities, medical conditions and other health conditions, but we will have to arrange all the need prior to booking as it will take a lot of pre-planning and would have additional costs. For those clients who want to travel with us and have said conditions above, please note that you will have limited options as well.

Client Responsibilities

Being part of our tours, you agree to accept the authority of the Definitely Greece team and decisions made by our employees, partners and tour leaders while on your trip with us. If, in any case, the opinion of any such person(s) stated above on your level of fitness, health-related concerns, and/or conduct any time before or during tours deemed to be endangering or at least appears likely to endanger your health, wellbeing, any third party of the group, or the happy atmosphere and progress of the tour, you will be excluded from all or part of the tour without compensation or refund.

Client Conduct

Being a traveler and visiting a different country, the culture and attitude of people may not be like yours, therefore, we highly request all our clients to show proper conduct, have decent behaviors, and a respectable attitude upon traveling with us. We expect our clients to show proper decorum when visiting archeological sites and other UNESCO-protected world heritage sites in Greece. We in no circumstances approve or encourage any inappropriate behaviors, use of language, and any form of harassment towards fellow group members and tour operators.

Special Requests

If you have any special requests during your trip for birthdays, surprises, meetings, or any other kind, please let us know ahead of time so that we can do whatever we can, legally, to make the request a possibility, with additional cost.

Passport and Visa

For clients traveling with us from outside of Europe, you will need to obtain a visa that is acceptable in Schengen countries (Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, etc). Upon booking a trip with us, please be ensure that your passport is valid throughout your visit to Greece. We request that your passport should not be close to expiration to avoid any unforeseen problems.


Definitely Greece is a travel boutique, therefore, we do not in any terms provide life and travel insurance, or any form of insurance during your trips with us. However, we do recommend that you arrange for your preferred insurance as we are not liable for any loss, or damage to you and/or your personal belongings.

Force Majeure

Definitely Greece wants all our clients to know that except where otherwise expressly shown and stated in our booking conditions, we regret that Definitely Greece cannot be liable or pay you any compensation in cases where performance of our duties under our agreements with you are prevented and/or affected by, or that you otherwise suffer any damage, loss and/or expense of any kind as a result of force majeure. In Definitely Greece’s booking conditions, force majeure means that in any such event which Definitely Greece or any of our service suppliers/ providers or other services in question could not, even after highly anticipated and due care, avoid or have foreseen. These events may include but are not limited to war, terrorist pursuits, riots, natural or nuclear disasters, civil strife, closure of airports, industrial conflicts, unfavorable weather conditions, technical problems with our transportation, strikes, fires and all other similar kinds of events that are beyond our control whether such events are actual or threatened.

Damage and Liabilities

Once you have booked a trip with Definitely Greece you must be aware that we do not hold any responsibility when it comes to damage and loss of personal belongings, car rentals, ticket losses and missed planes or ferry rides by you. As stated above, we recommend our clients to apply for their preferred insurances to avoid any headaches during the trip.

Website and Advertising

We would like to assure you that all the information on our website and social media accounts, as well as any other form of advertisement, are legal and accurate. All of which have been created in good faith and are recent.

Dietary Requirements

We at Definitely Greece want our clients to be open to letting us know a bit about them before booking their trip with us. With that being said, we would like our clients to know that it is their responsibility to tell us if they or anyone in their party have any dietary preferences or needs, allergies and other forms of diet-related concerns for us to know what restaurants to bring you and/or suggest to you. Also, we would always like to be made aware of all these concerns to be able to plan your trip properly and avoid any unwanted problems.


For any complaints regarding your trip with Definitely Greece or cold encounters with members of the Definitely Greece team, we highly encourage you to email [email protected]. Once we have received and reviewed your email, we will address the matter right away and resolve the problem and/or concern as soon as possible.