Experience Unmatched Luxury in Greece’s Finest Villas

Plum Guide is a brand that loves and looks after its customers.

There is nothing more fitting for your next Greek holiday than the ultimate villa.

Now imagine finding that villa that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, without scrolling through hundreds of web pages, scanning thousands of mind numbing reviews, and playing a guessing game about legitimacy.

Choosing the right accommodation for your trip to Greece can ultimately make or break both your holiday… and the destination. Even with every detail of your trip meticulously planned, arriving to find a room that doesn’t match the photos, or facing unexpected challenges like poor accessibility, can quickly throw off the mood of your entire trip.

So with the quality of your experience in our cherished homeland at stake (and a 500-point framework that vets each listing to count on), we’ve trusted Plum Guide to deliver.

Plum Guide opens a world of exceptional stays where luxury meets comfort in Greece’s most beautiful locations.

When you book your stay through Plum Guide you get a guarantee of perfection, ensuring your getaway is nothing short of extraordinary. Every location is carefully chosen for its unique
character and the freedom it offers, allowing you to explore Greece at your own pace and make unforgettable memories.

Why Plum Guide Doesn’t Trust Reviews (and neither should you)

Who would you trust more for the best mid-day snack in Greece? A Greek expert who has sampled every gyro in Athens, or a random online reviewer who might not know their tzatziki from their tahini?

Just as you’d prefer a seasoned food critic, Plum Guide applies the same discerning approach to their villas. They steer clear of subjective guest reviews, which can be as varied as Greek salad recipes. Instead, they rely on a meticulous and objective 500-point inspection process to ensure consistent quality.

This method guarantees that every villa meets high standards of comfort and luxury, providing you with peace of mind and a consistently excellent experience without the variability and potential bias of traditional reviews.

Why Book Your Villa With Plum Guide?

Booking with Plum Guide means you’re choosing properties that have been meticulously vetted for quality, style, and uniqueness. This isn’t just about finding a place to sleep—it’s about securing a space that enhances your vacation and aligns perfectly with your expectations.

From exclusive amenities to stunning designs, each villa promises a remarkable, vetted luxury that can’t be found just anywhere.

We can help you fully customize your trip!

How Plum Guide is Different Than Other Platforms?

Unlike other booking platforms that list any and all properties, Plum Guide selects only the top 3% of properties after a meticulous vetting process carried out by hospitality experts.

Plum Guide’s attention to detail extends far beyond the basics. They meticulously evaluate the cleanliness of each property and delve into the overall aesthetic, including design, artwork, and even the scent of the space. It’s this level of detail that ensures every property offers a sensory experience that complements its visual appeal.

This selective approach ensures that you have access to the finest accommodations that are not just beautiful but also well-equipped and excellently located, making your every waking and sleeping moment in Greece truly special.

Explore luxury villas in these locations & more!

Book Your Trip to Greece With Confidence

Booking your Greek getaway well in advance should be an exciting prospect, not a source of stress. With the Plum Promise, you can plan your trip and book your tickets with complete peace of mind.

This guarantee is built on three foundational pillars: expert-vetted homes, instant care, and total reassurance.

Every home listed on Plum Guide has been thoroughly inspected by experts, ensuring each meets high standards of quality and luxury.
Plum Guide’s customer care is available 24/7 to offer immediate assistance.

Additionally, the Plum Promise includes flexible booking options and customer-focused cancellation policies, providing you with the freedom to book early and secure the best spots without worry. Specifically, if a host cancels more than 48 hours after your booking, Plum Guide will find you a new home that’s up to 20% more expensive than the original.

Explore Our Curated Selection of Plum Guide Villas

Wherever you’re heading next in Greece, there’s a Plum Guide villa or home waiting to welcome you with open doors.

Dive into the handpicked collection, to start your adventure! Need further assistance beyond just booking your stay? If you’re looking for a personalized experience or help with arranging accommodations for your trip or special event in Greece—reach out to us today. We are here to ensure every detail of your visit is seamless and exceptional, providing support tailored specifically to your needs.

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