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Dental Tourism

The Only Partner You Need for Dental Tourism in Europe.

Dental tourism in Europe is rapidly becoming a preferred choice for international travelers, given the escalating high costs of dental procedures such as implants and bridges in their home countries.

A typical all-on-4 dental implant procedure, for instance, can set you back $24,000 in the US or £16,000 in the UK (not to mention the year-long waiting lists.)

While dental implants in Greece from top dentists in Europe would go for only €8,000.

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But the question remains…

  1. How do you find the best dentists in Greece for dental tourism?
  2. And what about planning your trip and stay?

As travel experts in concierge and personalization, we’ve crafted an exclusive service that blends expert dental treatments with an unforgettable Greek vacation. Imagine returning from your travels not just with memories of the endless blue Mediterranean and historic landmarks, but with a radiant and healthy smile to match.

Why Choose Dental Tourism?

You’re probably already pondering the real benefits of dental tourism and how exactly it outweighs the effort involved. Let’s address what’s on your mind:

With dental tourism, beyond saving a significant amount on dental procedures, you gain the extraordinary advantage of combining your stay in the host country with an unforgettable vacation, whether you’re flying solo or bringing your loved ones along.

The appeal of dental tourism is exactly as it sounds, you get to vacation while being in the hands of some of the best dentists in the world.

This is exactly what some of the dentists might pitch to you, painting a picture of seamless care and holiday bliss!

But what they may forget to mention is:

❌ The Research: Typically, finding the right dentist and organizing your trip could feel like a full-time job. If you’re spending 50+ hours on research and scheduling, are you really getting the deal you hoped for?

❌ The Logistics: Arranging flights, accommodations, and transfers can be daunting, and minor miscommunications or last-minute change of plans can cost you big.

❌ The True Costs: Ensuring you’re not paying inflated ‘tourist’ prices for your care needs vigilance.

What those dentists might overlook, we prioritize!

Here is how we make dental tourism truly effortless and cost-efficient for you…

  • Seamless Coordination: We’ve done the legwork and can connect you with the top dentists, cutting out the guesswork and risk.

  • No Language Barriers: With our on-the-ground support, you’ll never feel lost in translation, from consultation to post-care instructions.

  • Synchronized Planning: Your dental appointments and vacation activities are harmoniously scheduled, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable experience.

  • Travel Logistics, Sorted: From your plane touching down to your cozy bed in Greece, we’ve got every transfer and stay meticulously planned.

  • Local Prices, Guaranteed: With us, you’re not just another tourist. We ensure you get true local rates, making your savings even sweeter.

  • Transparent Budgeting: With us, what you see is what you get. We outline all potential costs upfront, preventing any unwelcome surprises.

Ready to plan your dental trip to Greece?

Your Ideal Dental Holiday In Greece

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the dental tourism in Greece.

What about the logistics of travel and accommodation?2024-05-07T17:41:48+03:00

Planning an overseas trip, especially for medical reasons, can and IS daunting. We’ve worked with clients from all over the world and specialize in making this process seamless, arranging your stay, transfers, and everything in between. Your only job is to focus on the procedures you want for your pearly whites, which places in Greece you’d like to experience, and laying back and enjoying your stay!

What about language barriers and navigating a foreign healthcare system with dental tourism?2024-03-30T17:41:02+02:00

It’s natural to worry about misunderstandings or getting lost in translation. That’s why we are here. Offering more than peace of mind, we ensure smooth communication between you and your dentist, and guide you through every step of your journey, from paperwork to post-procedure care.

No guesswork, no stress.

Is dental tourism really that much cheaper?2024-03-30T17:40:28+02:00

Yes, and we’re talking about thousands less than what you’d pay back home. For many, the idea of flying out for dental work isn’t just about the savings—it’s a necessity. When a single dental implant costs a small fortune in the US or UK, Greece offers a high-quality alternative at a fraction of the price.

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