What are affiliate links, how do we use them, and why do we need to tell you?

What we do best is to create unique, tailor-made itineraries for guests from all around the world.

With different levels of support and customization, we aim to offer you the best way to experience our country and have an amazing and memorable holiday.

Whether you are an “Insider” kind of person that wants an itinerary that will allow them to see the best places and destinations, or a “VIP” with limited time dedicated to researching and booking accommodation and activities, we can help you.

And even if you are simply here for our guides and resources that are freely available “for you” on our website, we aim to arm you with as much information as possible to prepare you for your trip.

We have always recommended hotels, restaurants, taverns, movie theatres, parks and everything in between to our readers and will continue to put quality and trust first. From 2020, this will include affiliate links in some of our resource guides.

What are affiliate links? If you make a booking through a link on our website that is an affiliate, we will make a small commission at NO extra charge to you. We value you, your support and trust, so we only recommend places we have used, love and would take our family members to.

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