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Discover Peloponnese Treasures

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A land of mythical heroes, ancient gods and medieval castles.

  • Length: 11 days - 10 nights
  • Highlights: ● Road Trip ● Castles & Ruins ● Archaeological Sites
  • Key information: Majestic castle towns, picturesque road trips on the coastline of Peloponnese.

Peloponnese Tour

Peloponnese Tour

On this premium tour to Southern Greece, we will visit the ancient palaces of renowned Kings, whose history Homer immortalized in the Iliad, and walk on the birthplace of the Olympic Games. On the coastlines of the Peloponnese, mighty castles still stand withstanding not only the countless attacks from Pirates of the Aegean but, more importantly, the weathering effect of time.

Our central location will be Peloponnese, home to the brave warriors of Sparta and the majestic castle towns of Monemvasia and Mani

  • Keep reading to discover more about the destinations we will visit.
Itinerary Description

Let’s explore the Peloponnese together

Let’s explore the Peloponnese

Corinth Canal

Crossing the man-made Corinth canal, you will gain a bird’s eye view of this engineering marvel which has literally transformed the former Peloponnese peninsula into yet another amazing Greek ‘island’. The history of this region is one of the legendary myths of the past. Here, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans, and pirates left their marks in stone and history throughout its now charming towns and villages.

Nafplio and Archaeological Sites

One of these small cities is the quiet and quaint town of Nafplio which was once the capital of all Greece bearing witness to the historic importance of the Peloponnese. In this peaceful valley of the Peloponnese lies the sanctuary of Asclepius, the god protector of human health and happiness. We will also visit the archaeological site of Mycenae which is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The unique architecture and design of this ancient city had a profound effect on ancient Greek architecture. This is also the place of origin of the Homeric epics: the Iliad, and the Odyssey. From there we will head southwest to the renowned ancient city of Olympia. Many masterpieces of the ancient Greek world are concentrated at this site. One of the most famous of which is without a doubt the Olympic Games!

Castles & Ruins

We will traverse the region which is home to perhaps the most well-known olive oil in the world, and we will experience the harsh landscape of Mani, the only place in Greece that remained untamed throughout its long history of conquerors and invaders. The houses here were traditionally built like castles, clustered together in complexes for safety. Today, stone arches and Byzantine ruins are found next to inhabited homes with rose gardens and fruit trees. An incredible mosaic of past and present coming together and ready to be explored.

Behind medieval walls rests a well-guarded Byzantine castle city, Monemvasia which is complete with churches, majestic mansions and picturesque streets, making you feel that you have literally travelled back in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I am vegeterian/vegan/GF. Can I change the meal options?2023-11-03T13:46:57+02:00

Of course! We can accommodate dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, and allergies. Please inform us of your dietary needs when booking, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Are day tours suitable for children and families?2023-11-06T12:42:44+02:00

Yes, all of our day tours are family-friendly. We offer child-friendly activities, and our guides are experienced in engaging young travelers. We can also customize a day tour to include more family-friendly activities!

What should I bring on the day tour?2023-11-03T13:45:21+02:00

We recommend comfortable clothing and walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, a camera, and any personal items you may need. Don’t forget your swimsuit if the tour includes beach visits and is during the summer or shoulder season.

Can I customize my day tour itinerary?2023-11-03T13:44:47+02:00

Yes! Our day tours are always fully customizable to your needs. You can contact us to discuss special requests or requirements directly!

Need more information about this trip?

Let’s create your dream getaway! Share your ideas, and we’ll design an exclusive experience that matches your style and interests.

Need more information about this trip?

Let’s create your dream getaway! Share your ideas, and we’ll design an exclusive experience that matches your style and interests.

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