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Ready For Your Personal Journey Through Greece?

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Customizing Your Trip is Our Expertise

So you are ready to make that legendary trip to Greece you’ve always dreamed about a reality… but where do you start?

Sure you could read all the details in our blog and go over our destinations in Greece or binge watch entire playlists on YouTube to find the right information.

But travellers who take that route end up visiting over 50 websites and spending more than 30 hours for research purposes before finalizing their travel plans.

Sounds familiar?

  • You spend a ton of time researching, planning and trying to find the most suitable destinations.

  • You have a large group of people with different interests.

  • While trip planning can be fun, you wish you had someone to point you to the right direction.

Plan Your Trip to Greece With a Local Eye And Expertise

At Definitely Greece, we proudly carve out a distinctive niche in the tourism landscape of Greece. Our focus is not on numbers, it’s on feelings. We don’t want you to merely tick off destinations or rush through attractions. Instead, we invite you to savor the emotions, because it’s the feelings that linger in your mind and heart long after your trip concludes. These emotions are at the heart of every journey we plan.

From the moment you share your vision for your trip—how you want it to look and feel—we are by your side. We then take your dreams and aspirations and transform them into reality with two unique service options.


Years in the industry


of Greece visited

Option 1: Customized Trip

Experience Greece like never before with our comprehensive trip planning service. This is for you if you want a trip where every detail is meticulously cared for.

Personalized Itinerary

We collaborate closely to craft an itinerary that reflects your interests and dreams.

All-Inclusive Bookings

From luxurious accommodations to transportation and exclusive access to attractions, we handle everything.

On-Trip Support

I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Our Customized Trip Planning service is crafted to handle every detail, so you can fully relax and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Greece.

Whether you’re traveling with friends who share a deep passion for history and desire a meticulously organized tour of Greece’s ancient sites, or if you’re looking to create the perfect backdrop for an intimate proposal on a secluded island, we have the resources and expertise to make it happen.

Our commitment is to provide an unparalleled travel experience that is as unique as it is personal, because in Greece, every visitor has a story waiting to be told, and I am here to help you write yours.

Your Fully Customized Trip to Greece may Include: 

  • Accommodation in all destinations
  • All transportation by private taxi to/from airport/port
  • All the activities agreed
  • Reservation for restaurants and dinner plans
  • All licensed tour guides where required
  • Entrance fees to archaeological sites
  • Ferry tickets from Athens to the chosen islands
  • Domestic flights

Ready to plan your perfect trip?

Option 2: Itinerary Consultation

Ideal for the independent traveler, our consultation service equips you with everything you need to explore Greece at your own pace.

Expert Planning Session

A 60-minute video call where we discuss your itinerary based on your preferences and past travel experiences.

Tailored Travel Guide

You’ll receive a detailed PDF with personalized recommendations for accommodations, dining, and activities *for up to 3 unique destinations.

Revision and Follow-up

Includes one 30-minute revision session to ensure every aspect of your plan is perfect.

This isn’t your typical online itinerary builder.

Our Itinerary Consultation Service connects you with real people and experts, committed to creating the trip of your dreams. We provide personalized attention that only seasoned travel professionals can offer, ensuring every detail reflects your vision.

With personalized suggestions and meticulous attention to detail, it will feel as if we are both preparing to embark on the journey together, tuned precisely to your desires and needs.

Ready to plan your perfect trip?

Customized Trip

  • Free 15-minute Initial Video Call

  • Custom Itinerary

  • Expert Insights & Tips

  • Follow-up Support

  • Private Guide

  • Licensed Tour Guides

  • Concierge Service

  • Bookings

  • Transfers

  • As many revisions as needed!

Itinerary Consultation

  • Free 15-minute Initial Video Call

  • Custom Itinerary

  • Expert Insights & Tips

  • Follow-up Support

  • Private Guide

  • Licensed Tour Guides

  • Concierge Service

  • Bookings

  • Transfers

  • One 30-minute revision session

Why Choose Definitely Greece?

Whether you opt for the Full Customized Trip or the Itinerary Consultation, you’re getting more than just travel planning. You’re gaining insights from a Greek local who is determined to make your visit magical and stress-free.

Here’s why travelers love Definitely Greece:

  • Personalized Experiences: Every trip is tailored to your interests.

  • Local Expertise: Benefit from my extensive knowledge and personal experiences.

  • Time-Saving: Avoid the hassle of managing logistics or researching.

Guest Reviews

Genevieve Absey
Genevieve Absey
I cannot say enough good things about Efi and the service she provides. I had never used a travel agent before reaching out to Efi, and I immediately felt a kinship with her and knew we would be taken care of. She listened intently to the kind of trip we were hoping to have during our 10 days in Greece, and orchestrated an experience for us that was beyond anything we ever could have done on our own. She’s like the grand maestro of travel! From planning private tours of the Acropolis and Delphi with the most knowledgeable and engaging tour guides, to day trips through side streets and cafes of smaller villages and lesser known historical sites, to seamlessly handling transfers to and from airports and hotels, to advising us on the best things to do and places to visit on our own. The list goes on and on. Everything that Efi had a hand in exceeded our hopes and expectations and had a personal touch that we could not have achieved otherwise. Not the mention the fact that I would go back to Greece just to spend time with Efi, she is gracious and curious and funny and incredibly sharp, but maybe that’s besides the point 😂 After having the great fortune of getting to work with Efi, I trust her implicitly, and urge anyone visiting Greece to hire her to make it a one-of-a-kind experience for you.
hendrikje tromp
hendrikje tromp
Visiting Greece this year was extra special to us, celebrating our 45th anniversary with family and friends!! Efi and her team made it even more magical. Thank you!! ❤️🎶
Gail Banzon
Gail Banzon
Vacation in Greece I had a most wonderful holiday in Greece! Efi was able to compress the essence of her beautiful country in stories, sightseeing and food in 12 days! All personal and delightful! Though we were a group twenty, my experience felt so personal and unhurried - thanks to Efi’s attentive, warm and generous spirit. Each of our concern was important to her and did her utmost to be flexible to make us happy and satisfied. All our guides were knowledgeable and well-versed! People who love to eat are always the best and the happiest people and do the Greeks love their food. Me, too! Healthy yet flavorful! Green with lots of exciting spices! I’m so missing those sumptuous meals we had! I want to do another Greek vacation soon! 💕
Benjamin Williams
Benjamin Williams
We had a wonderful time on our first trip to Greece/Hellas! Efi planned a beautifully relaxing trip with beaches, history, great food (try the grass!) and wonderful company alone the way. The trip guide, Rania, was so very accommodating to our every need and very flexibly with any changes we wanted to make during the trip. Our driver, George, was great as well - full of great energy, music and knowledge on the culture. All in all it was a trip we’ll never forget and will definitely be back to explore and reunite with new friends. Thank you so much Efi, Rania and Sir George! Until we meet again - Ben
Tim L
Tim L
Efi put together a customized trip that gave us a delightful introduction to Athens and Greece. She first took the time to get to know my wife and I, and then shaped a trip that matched our interests. She enabled us to see and experience much more than I thought we’d have time for. Efi provided excellent guides for the historical sites (Acropolis, Delphi) — trained archeologists who could convey the inspirational spirit of classical Greece. She also personally took us to several small towns, where we enjoyed bakeries and tavernas that only the locals know about. The food was delicious. Definitely a highlight! Efi loves Greece, and truly enjoys giving visitors a variety of experiences that go far beyond the typical tourist sites. She is friendly, creative, warm and accommodating, and her enthusiasm is infectious. She went above and beyond our expectations by making us feel like we were being shown around by a good friend. I highly recommend her.
Tom M
Tom M
What a wonderful few days in Athens and the mountains of the Peloponnese! Efi and her team worked extremely hard to make the holiday an extraordinary experience. Everything worked seamlessly from the transfers around the Peloponnes to the farewell lunch in Athens with Efi herself, not forgetting the brilliant guiding and dissemination of local history by George in the mountains and the warm welcome from Nelly in Kalamata. We were treated like royalty with warm friendship from everyone. We will be returning to explore more of this beautiful country very soon. Thank you!!
Evelien Meyer
Evelien Meyer
There are so many things to consider when curating your own travel adventure and it is super helpful to get that local insight. Her advise also helps prevent blunders I might've made if I had not known... Efi took our top destinations we wanted to hit along our 13 day journey and compiled all the information so I could narrow down the decisions a lot easier. Many of the accommodations she recommended were no brainers, chic and convenient for the price. With the structure of the trip complete, I have a pdf of links and info available at my fingertips to fill in the details. Very much looking forward to this upcoming adventure traveling with my mom. Thank you Efi for helping us make the most of our trip!
Ashley Tanzosh
Ashley Tanzosh
Definitely Greece put together our honeymoon trip. It surpassed our every expectation and created an experience for us that is difficult to fully convey in words. It was my husband's first time abroad and he was a bit nervous about going so far and needing to coordinate things from the States. Efi and her team took all of that worry from us and made it seamless. The attention they put into organizing our trip allowed us to visit so many places, see so much and soak in every second without stress. Every tour and tour guide was awesome. Sharing tons of details and history for us history buffs, answering questions and making sure we got to see everything. All of our food accommodations were perfect. No tourist traps, every place we went was an immersive experience in Greece's incredible culture and peoples. Everyone was so friendly, it felt like we were with family. We tried new foods, drinks and just had the best time. All of our accommodations were beautiful, well located and allowed us to explore freely and come back for quick naps before heading out again. We have recommended Definitely Greece to all of our loved ones and can't wait to get back next year to do another trip and see more of this beautiful country that feels like our second home. 5 stars!!!!
Hilary Wendel
Hilary Wendel
For my first trip to Greece i felt very overwhelmed with all the choices! Which islands, in which order, for how long and once there, where to stay? I decided to get the help of the consultants at Definitely Greece, and I am glad I did! I signed up for the “consulting session” where I had a zoom call with Efi. I explained our timeline, and the kind of trip I was imagining. It was easy to schedule our meeting, and very easy to communicate with her. She asked me some questions about our tastes etc to understand more about our travel style and budget, and then a few days later she sent me a suggested itinerary with a list by location of their personally recommended and researched hotels, restaurants and things to do with links to each suggestion. Although there were still many choices for me to make, and some work to be done on my own to make the actual reservations, having a custom list of recommendations greatly reduced my choices to make it more manageable, less time consuming, and less overwhelming! I was also able to shoot a few follow up questions along the way and she was quick to respond. Thank you Efi and the team at Definitely Greece!
Theo Seel Kent
Theo Seel Kent
Efi has really outdone herself, our holiday was truly unforgettable. Smooth sailing from start to finish. Great food enjoyed and beautiful sunsets watched. Can’t wait to come back and do it all again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for the full list of FAQ questions.

How can I get started with Definitely Greece?2024-05-23T12:16:42+03:00

To begin planning your trip with Definitely Greece, simply book a free video call with me, Efi. During this call, we’ll discuss your vision, preferences, and expectations. Whether you’re ready for a fully customized itinerary or seeking expert insights for independent travel, we’re here to make your journey through Greece exceptional.

What support does Definitely Greece provide during the trip?2024-05-23T12:16:16+03:00

With our Customized Trip service, you benefit from on-trip support, ensuring you have assistance every step of the way. From personalized welcome arrangements to private guides and concierge services, we are committed to making your journey unforgettable. Our Itinerary Consultation includes a follow-up session to ensure your plan is perfect and ready for your independent exploration.

How does Definitely Greece handle trip logistics?2024-05-23T12:15:49+03:00

For our Customized Trip service, we take care of every detail—from accommodations and transportation to activity bookings and exclusive access to attractions. You can relax knowing that everything is meticulously arranged to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. Our Itinerary Consultation equips independent travelers with expert guidance, personalized recommendations, and a detailed plan tailored to their pace and interests.

What sets Definitely Greece apart from other travel services?2024-05-23T12:15:21+03:00

Definitely Greece offers more than just travel planning; we provide a genuine connection with Greece through local expertise and personalized attention. As a seasoned Greek traveler myself, I am dedicated to making your visit stress-free and magical. With insights gained from personal experiences and extensive knowledge, we ensure each trip is crafted to exceed expectations.

How does Definitely Greece personalize my trip?2024-05-23T12:14:39+03:00

At Definitely Greece, we understand that each traveler has unique preferences and dreams. Whether you opt for our Customized Trip or Itinerary Consultation, we begin by listening to your vision. For our Customized Trip service, we collaborate closely to craft a tailored itinerary that aligns with your interests and desires. From personalized activity recommendations to handpicked accommodations and exclusive experiences, we ensure your trip reflects your individuality. Even with our Itinerary Consultation, you receive expert insights and a detailed guide customized to your preferences for up to three destinations.

Dear Future Guest..

I know how eager you are to book that plane ticket, pack as many light-colored linen clothes as possible into your suitcase, and welcome the hot summer breeze and the splash of the Aegean Sea at your feet. Believe me, I share your excitement! Here in Athens, the beaches are already filling up during the weekends!

My name is Efi, and for the past 12 years, I have journeyed alongside hundreds of travelers through the cosmopolitan beaches and charming villages of Greece. I’ve explored this magnificent country by road, air, and sea; I’ve biked, hiked, swum, and savored Greek life in ways few can claim. Greece is more than my homeland—it’s my passion. My goal is to preserve and share the most authentic experiences, ensuring that your visit is as special as the country itself.

Greece has forged its identity through relentless perseverance, and there’s so much more beneath the surface than what initially meets the eye. So please, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

Let’s start planning your trip before the summer rush!

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