This island is a blessed slice of paradise on the edge of the Aegean Sea. Crete, the island of King Minoas is justifiably one of the most popular among the Greek islands and is visited by millions of people from all over the globe. Visitors fall in love with the food, the simple yet rejuvenating freshness of treats like traditional dakos and local cheeses.

what’s popular in Crete

cretan cuisine

Cretan Ntakos

Cretan cuisine is renowned for its healthy Mediterranean diet, emphasizing olive oil, fresh vegetables, and herbs.

venetian architecture


Island has a captivating blend of Venetian architecture including the Harbor in Chania and the Koules Fortress in Heraklion.

world renowned beaches


Crete boasts world-renowned beaches, such as Elafonissi Beach, Balos, Falassarna, Matala and Vai.

historical landmarks

Arkadi Monastery

From the Monastery of Arkadi to Knossos Palace and Spinalogka Island, Crete has landmarks from various periods of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Crete.

What are some iconic natural attractions in Crete?2024-03-01T21:21:38+02:00

Crete is known for its diverse landscapes, including the Samaria Gorge, the White Mountains, and the palm-lined beach of Vai, offering unique and breathtaking scenery.

What are the best beaches in Crete?2024-03-01T21:20:17+02:00

Our recommendations are Elafonissi, Balos Lagoon, Falassarna, and Vai Beach, depending on where you are based.

What are the must-visit historical sites in Crete?2024-03-01T21:19:28+02:00

A few of the places most visitors want to see are the Knossos Palace, Arkadi Monastery and the Venetian Fortress in Heraklion.

Destinations in Crete

  • Chania

    Features: ● Venetian Architecture ● Renowned Beaches ● Village Life

  • Rethymno

    Features: ● Venetian Town ● Port City ● Authentic Cretan Experiences

  • Heraklion

    Features: ● Urban Center ● Knossos Palace ● Famous Figures

  • Milos

    Features: ● Sarakiniko ● Fishing Villages ● Volcanic Scenery

  • Mykonos

    Features: ● Party & Nightlife ● Architecture ● Crystal Clear Beaches

  • Naxos

    Features: ● Temple of Apollo ● Mount Zeus ● Nightlife

  • Kimolos

    Features: ● Kastro ● Volcanic Shaped Rocks ● Caves and Beaches

  • Paros

    Features: ● Traditional Cycladic Architecture ● Cosmopolitan ● Yachting

  • Sifnos

    Features: ● Gastronomy ● Pottery ● Church of the Seven Martyrs

  • Koufonisia

    Features: ● Turquoise Waters ● Laid-Back Atmosphere ● Friendly Locals

  • Amorgos

    Features: ● Iconic Monastery ● Incredible Beaches ● Yoga & Relaxation

  • Santorini

    Features: ● Caldera ● Honeymoon Destination ● Volcanic Landscape

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