Central Greece is home to unfathomable beauty known to very few visitors, one of these spots is Arahova.

Arahova is the Greek Queen of the winter and will not easily hand her crown to any other destination. Highly regarded by locals and deserving of all our attention, with its traditional architecture, the astonishing view and the innumerous choices for entertainment and food with the snowy Mount Parnassus background.

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The setting

We could say that Arahova has two faces: a traditional and a cosmopolitan one. These faces coexist harmoniously without the one overshadowing the other, making Arahova a destination that has something special to offer to everybody! This small mountainous village of Central Greece hasn’t won the nickname “Mykonos of the winter” by chance. The crowds used to come every weekend to see and be seen in its little roads and beautiful cafes and clubs. Going to Arahova was a must for the winter, the equivalent of going to the island of the winds, in the summer and you didn’t even have to travel far from the capital.

How to get there

Built at 950m altitude, high on the slopes of Mount Parnassos, where the air is fresh and your appetite is large, Arahova was jokingly used to be called an Athenian suburb, as it is only 150km away from central Athens. It is an easy road to follow up whether you are heading in spring or winter.

What to expect

When you walk in Arahova you have a little sweet confusion of time. The architecture of its stone houses reminds you of the past when the artisans and the workers built houses with great respect following the traditional art of house building. The central road in the shape of a big arched bridge is full of life: shops with snow sports equipment and local products, traditional little tavernas and glamorous bars.

Famous landmarks

Following the central road, you see the central paved square of Arahova and nearby the stairs that lead straight up to the Church of St George. Don’t forget to get photographed at the famous Clock of Arahova, the most known monument dating back to the 18th century. Beside the rock where the Clock stands, you will find another beautiful little church and the old Primary School that now hosts the Ethnographic Museum.

Food and drink

Quality food and drinks, honey and cheese, herbs, beautiful handicrafts and souvenirs, luxurious clothes and accessories will make you feel that you have found a unique and elegant marketplace. Arahova’s cosmopolitan and glamorous profile combined with its traditional side can easily be traced to this market and of course to its wonderful cafes and hotels.

Arahova Taverna - Kaplani Arachova