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The Peloponnese, a peninsula in southern Greece is a captivating and unique region renowned for its rich history, diverse landscapes and cultural significance. Steeped in ancient mythology, the Peloponnese boasts archaeological wonders such as the ruins of Mycenae, associated with the legendary King Agamemnon, and the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Olympia. Picturesque villages, like Nafplio with its Venetian architecture, offer a blend of historical charm and seaside beauty.

What’s popular in the Peloponnese

What’s popular in the Peloponnese

historic cities


Charming cities such as Nafplio, with its Venetian architecture, and Kalamata, known for its vibrant atmosphere, showcase the region’s historical and contemporary allure.

traditional villages


Picturesque villages in areas like Mani and Messinia offer a glimpse into traditional Greek life, with stone-built houses and coastal views.

coastal beauty


Pristine beaches along the Peloponnesian coastline, including Voidokilia and Simos, attract sunseekers and water enthusiasts.

local cuisine


There are plenty of local dishes worth trying such as Kalamata olives, Kagianas, Pasto (synglino) and local wines, make the region a gastronomic delight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the Peloponnese.

What activities are available in the Peloponnese?2024-03-30T17:18:56+02:00

Hike the Taygetos and Parnon mountains, explore the Diros Caves, and engage in water sports along the diverse coastline for a thrilling outdoor adventure.

Which beaches are recommended for a relaxing seaside experience?2024-03-30T17:18:57+02:00

Some of the pristine beaches you can look forward to are Voidokilia, Simos, and Elafonissos, offering crystal-clear waters and serene coastal landscapes.

What are the must visit historical sites in the Peloponnese?2024-03-30T17:18:58+02:00

Explore iconic sites such as Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Ancient Olympia to delve into the rich history of ancient Greece.

Destinations in the Peloponnese

  • Mycenae

    Features: ● Archaeological Site ● Bronze Age Site ● UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Monemvasia

    Features: ● Medieval ● Romantic Destination ● Island Fortress

Destinations in the Peloponnese

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