Happy Name Day Wishes In Greek and English + 9 Name Day Cards

Happy Name Day Wishes In Greek and English + 9 Name Day Cards

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Happy Name Day Wishes

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Are you looking for the perfect words to express your happy name day wishes? Whether you are sending an email, a handwritten note, an e-card or a funny gif, there is nothing like a personalized message to go with your happy name day wishes.

Below you will find some example of “happy name day wishes” you can customize accordingly. Whether you are celebrating the name day of a dear friend, your mother, father, sibling or other family member!

But first… what are name days and why are they celebrated in Greece?

For Greeks, either in Greece or abroad, celebrating your name day can be an even bigger deal that your birthday!

Your name day, is the feast day or celebration of the saint whose name you carry. The Orthodox church of Greece, follows a liturgical book called “eortologio” to keep track of all the days saints are remembered on.

Simply, whenever a saint “celebrates” so do the people who are named after them.

You can find a more in-depth look into name days and why they are celebrated here.

Happy Name Day Wishes in English

If you don’t know what to say to someone on their name day, there is a simple solution. Just change your birthday wishes, to “name day wishes”! Still stuck? Here are some examples!

  • To my beautiful sister

Happy name day to my darling sister!

Wishing you a beautiful day and may all your dreams always come true.

Blessings, love and happiness!

  • To my dear Greek friend

There are many names in this word but yours is special just like you!

Blessed name day my friend

  • To a great boss

Wishing you good health and happiness on this blessed day.

Happy name day!

  • To the family and friends of those celebrating

Many wishes for your son’s/daughter’s/ special name day celebration

Love and blessings from our family to yours!

Happy Name Day Wishes in Greek (with English characters)

What about a special “happy name day” wish for your Greek friend or family member when you don’t speak Greek?

We can help you!

Just copy one of the messages below to make your special someone smile!

  • Το everyone

Happy many years Hronia Polla yia tin yiorti sou

Χρόνια πολλά για την γιορτή σου

  • To a friend (he)

Happy name day (name) Wishing you health and strength and everything else you desire!

Xronia polla gia tin yiorti sou (name) Panta geros me eyia ke oti epithimis!

  • To a friend (she)

Xronia polla gia tin yiorti sou (name) Panta geri me eyia ke oti epithimis

  • To the family and friends of those celebrating

Xronia polla yia tin (female) or ton (male) (insert name)

Na ton/tin hereste!

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