5 Museums in Greece That Will Amaze You

5 Museums in Greece That Will Amaze You

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True fact: Greece is famous not only for its sun and beautiful beaches but also for its remarkable history.

When preparing for your trip to Greece, you should include a visit to its museums in your itinerary. However, this article presents five museums that are not necessarily archaeological, which we think you should visit.

Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens is one of the famous museums in modern Greece. It has an extensive collection of paintings of contemporary art. The paintings and work of Greek and foreign artists are displayed in a beautiful and modern space in the former Fix Brewery in Athens.

The museum’s collection contains mainly 21st-century artworks and reaches 1,400 in number. The majority of the works are by artists from the Mediterranean and the Global South, and the themes cover, among others, socio-political issues related to the crises that Greece’s history has experienced.

If what most people find challenging to understand fascinates you, the Athens Museum of Contemporary Art should definitely be on your to-do list.

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Athens Olympic Museum

Greece is the home of the Olympic Games, and there needed to be a museum specifically dedicated to the history of the Olympic Games institution.

In fact, there is an Olympic Museum in Athens and one in Thessaloniki.

Going to the museum lets you know about the Olympic Games from ancient times until today. Learn everything about the institution’s importance in antiquity and the organization of the Olympic Games in modern times, culminating in the Greek organization of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. In addition, you will meet all the well-known, great Greek Olympic and Paralympic medalists in the Museum area and see their medals and history up close. In Athens, the museum has the “authentic spirit” of the Olympic Games, as is the characteristic motto of the museum. And that’s precisely what the visitors get after visiting the museum.

Apart from the exhibitions, there is a modern café and restaurant in the Museum area, where you can enjoy coffee and some current specialties. Meanwhile, you can buy souvenirs or symbolic gifts for friends and loved ones in the Museum Shop.

The museum is conveniently located in Athens and is easily accessible to the public.

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Natural History Museum

If you are more fascinated by natural history than antiquity, the Natural History Museum of Greece is the right choice.

The Goulandris Museum of Natural History is located in the northern suburbs of Athens and was founded in 1965. The aim of the museum is the study, conservation, and protection of the natural environment. It is divided into four main areas: terrestrial zoology, botany, hydrobiology, and mineralogy-paleontology.

The museum consists of two buildings, the first of which houses the Natural History Exhibition and the second the permanent exhibition “Climate Change and Us .”In the second exhibition, young and old learn about climate change and the urgent need for change toward a better and greener planet.

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Chios Mastic Museum

The Chios Mastic Museum is one of the unique museums in Greece. It is located on the enchanting island of Chios. Mastic is the emblematic product of Chios and is extracted from the mastic tree or Pistacia lentiscus var. In the southern part of the island, specifically in the medieval Mastic villages, there is a museum dedicated to mastic.

The permanent exhibition deals with Chios mastic as a unique natural product. From the properties of resin and mastic as a natural medicine to how it is extracted and processed by the locals. Furthermore, in the museum, you will see how mastic and its cultivation were the primary sources of occupation for the inhabitants of Chios.

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Museum of Cycladic Art

The Museum of Cycladic Art is a must visit during your stay in Greece.

It is located in Athens and has been open to the public since 1986. The museum includes works of art from the 3rd millennium BC, specifically Cycladic and Ancient Greek Art, while part of the museum is dedicated to a collection of Cypriot Art Antiquities.

The Museum of Cycladic Art is not another archaeological museum in Greece. This one dedicates its exhibitions to works of art from antiquity, which, apart from their historical importance, have great artistic significance.

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Greece is famous for its museums. Undoubtedly, whichever museums you visit, you will be enchanted by the importance of Greek history. But Greece has much more to give you than archaeological museums. It is always great to have choices!

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