5 Magical Peloponnese Cities You Need To See

5 Magical Peloponnese Cities You Need To See

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To explore the Peloponnese is to indulge in a whirlwind of history, mythology and rich Greek culture. This is why these Peloponnese cities, many of which we cover in our tour, are some of the most magical in the country. Here you can experience the places that have been immortalised by Homer and walk in the footsteps of Spartan warriors. This land is like no other which is why we call it the land of heroes and gods.

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1. Nafplion

Nafplion was one of the most important Peloponnese cities on the peninsula because it was once the capital of Greece. Recognised for its prime position it was strategically named the capital in 1829 after Ottoman occupation ended.

Only a 2-hour drive from the current capital, Athens, this quiet seaside town is one for the historians. With ancient ruins, castles and sea fortresses (Bourtzi) there is an abundance of sites to see. Because of its complex past, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman conquerors have all left their own unique mark on Nafplion. But this only makes it more loveable, as a kaleidoscope of history intertwines these eras and makes them forever inseparable.

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2. Monemvasia

In comparison to the other Peloponnese cities, Monemvasia is a small island off the southeastern coast of the Peloponnese. While it was once connected to the mainland, centuries ago it was separated by an earthquake. Today you will find that you can get to this quaint town by crossing a narrow causeway. This is the perfect isolated getaway, with castled buildings and cobbled alleys beckoning you at every turn. Catching a sunrise or sunset from one of the many spectacular castle viewpoints is a must!

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3. Kalamata

A search for Kalamata will result in two things; olives and a destination. The former you have most likely heard of, the city potentially not. But not only is this city home to some of the most famous olives in Greece it is also the perfect stop on your Greek holiday if you’re exploring the peninsula. Kalamata is one of the more modern Peloponnese cities and here you will find layers of rich history, stunning neoclassical buildings, a wide promenade to wander, mountainous views of Taygetos and crisp sea breezes.

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4. Mycenae

If you have read some of the Greek classics like Homer’s Iliad you will be familiar with the name Agamemnon. But even so this name, like many, transcends further than just the classics. Greek myth has captured hundreds, and the legends often coax travellers from the furthest ends of the earth.

Agamemnon was the all-powerful king who united Greeks leading them in the famous 10-year Trojan War. Mycenae is a famous ancient site located in the Peloponnese city of Argolis. Included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, Mycenae is a must see if you are exploring the peninsula.

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5. Sparta

Sparta was a city-state in Ancient Greece famous for its incredible warriors. If you’re interested in Greek history you may remember that Sparta defeated Athens during the Peloponnesian Wars back in (431-404 B.C.). But today Sparta remains one of the most well known Peloponnese cities. Located in Laconia, it has many remnants of its historic past. Just north of the city you can visit the ruins of ancient Sparta and take a step back in time to where the legends of Greek lore were shaped.

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