Visit Greece in the Fall: 3 Destinations You Will Fall In Love With

Visit Greece in the Fall: 3 Destinations You Will Fall In Love With

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Greece in the fall is like living your dream if you are a fan of windy, warm weather, crispy yellow tree leaves, and less crowded places. You will be stunned by the natural beauties of Greece, which seem even more superb under the yellowish autumn filter. This is your chance to explore different places in Greece, where usually they are not in the spotlight during the summer season. In this article, we will give you three destinations that you will fall in love with and are the perfect choices for visiting during the Greek fall.

1. Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It is located in the southern part of the country and is an excellent destination for fall.

Useful tips:
Thessaloniki has an international airport
Thessaloniki is called the co-capital of Greece
Average weather temperature in Thessaloniki in Fall: 11C (52 F)– 21C (70F)

Thessaloniki is an excellent choice for those who wish to combine history, gastronomy, and beautiful natural landscapes. The city perfectly combines the glamour of the old town with its historic alleys with a modern lifestyle.

The city’s name comes from Alexander the Great’s sister, Thessaloniki or Salonica, and is the historical and cultural center of the town. The city has many Byzantine and Early Byzantine churches that attract history and architecture lovers. Visitors have to choose from a plethora of activities.

The city’s most famous attraction is the White Tower, which dominates in front of the Thermaikos Gulf and next to the city’s coastal road. The White Tower is one of the city’s most important museums, where pieces of the city’s history are exhibited, and on its top floor, it offers a panoramic view of the entire city. And that’s not all; walking through the narrow streets of the Upper Town or Ano Poli takes you back to an earlier time when castles and walls existed.

What’s more, Thessaloniki is famous for lifestyle entertainment. The Guardian called it a “food city” and “a unique culinary repertoire” in an article. And not without reason, the picturesque cobbled streets of Ladadika are full of restaurants, cafes, and bars for all tastes. And if you’d instead enjoy a drink while strolling, Thessaloniki’s beach is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful autumn sunset.

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2. Nafplion

Photo above: Palamidi Fortress In Nafplio

Nafplion is a picturesque city in the Peloponnese, described by many as the “Naples of the East”. With rich insights, historical monuments, and hidden treasures, the town of Nafplio seduces all visitors. It is an excellent choice to get a representative picture of autumn Greece as it exudes romance, nobility, and elegance.

Useful Tips:

Average weather temperature in Nafplion in Fall: 17.5 °C | 63.6 °F

Distance from Athens: 137 klm / 85 miles

Nafplion was the first capital of Greece from 1823-1834 and still holds the prestige of the first capital. Climb the 999 steps and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city from the historic fortress dating back to 1711. The light breeze of the Greek autumn will favor you for climbing the hill. Stroll through the picturesque alleys of the historic city center, which has been designated a traditional settlement. Enjoy your coffee or a traditional dessert in the beautiful Syntagma Square, where the imposing building of the first Greek Parliament is located.

Making a journey of just five minutes by boat you will find yourself at the Venetian fortress of Bourtzi. Bourtzi is the trademark of Nafplion and is located on the islet of Agioi Theodoroi. Tour the impressive castle and take as many photos of Nafplion across the road as possible.

Enjoy the autumn sunset from the hill of Akronafplia. Take the scenic trains around the town for a better view. For the evening, the harbor overlooking the luminous Bourtzi invites you for drinks and romance. Don’t forget to take a light jacket, as although high temperatures and sunshine characterize autumn in Greece, the evening needs something warmer in clothing.

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3. Arahova

Photo above: Arahova

Arahova is frequently referred to as the Mykonos of winter. The small picturesque village of Central Greece is an excellent choice for anyone visiting Greece in autumn. The yellow leaves of the trees further accentuate the village’s stacked stone houses, bleeding an aura of calm and serenity. By visiting Arachova in autumn, you avoid the crowds of winter and can enjoy its landscapes and natural beauties to the fullest.

Useful tips:

Average Weather Temperature in Arahova in Fall: 14 C (57.2 F)

Distance from Athens: 150 km

Arahova is close to Athens, making it an excellent destination for road trips, where visitors can admire the route. Wander through the tiled alleys of the village, and admire the traditional architecture of the houses and the many small shops. Don’t miss out on buying traditional souvenirs from local producers, usually handmade.

Most shops are located on the main street, which is shaped like a curved bridge. You will find excellent choices for all hours of the day for either food or drink. Enjoy local delicacies and meats with a view of Mount Parnassos. For nature lovers, the village is located in an excellent spot for hiking on Mount Parnassos. You will find organized hiking trails to discover the nature and history of the area.

Among the must-visit of the village is the clock of Arachova, which is the island’s most famous monument. It has been there since the 18th century and is the perfect choice for your photos. Moreover, it is worth visiting the ethnographic museum to get a taste of the traditional way of life of the villagers and the history of the place.

Extra Tip: Due to the altitude, autumn in Arachova is a bit colder than in other areas. Therefore, warm clothes are essential to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

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Greece in fall has an exceptional beauty, colored yellow by the fallen leaves of the trees and the smell of hot Greek coffee, which will mesmerize you. It’s a great time to discover stunningly picturesque places whether you choose the north or south of Greece.

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