5 Reasons To Visit Greece in September

5 Reasons To Visit Greece in September

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When you think of September, the first thing that comes to mind is the end of summer and the beginning of the new season. This is not the case when it comes to Greece! September in Greece means the prolongation of the summer and a great opportunity for vacation and traveling. The beauties of Greece are not limited to the three summer months. If we haven’t convinced you yet, keep reading and we will provide you with 5 good reasons why you should visit Greece in September.

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1) Less Crowded

Imagine visiting the Acropolis in Athens without having to stand in long queues. Or enjoying the breathtaking sunset in Santorini without thousands of people taking photos and ruining your special moment. If all this seems like a dream come true, then this is your sign to visit Greece during September. Overall, this is when a large number of tourists are gone, the cities and islands return slowly to normality, and life is easy-going.

This is your chance to appreciate the beauties of Greece in peace and quiet. Take the opportunity to walk the historical streets of Athens and mingle with the locals or explore and photograph your surroundings in peace. Another advantage of traveling in September is the comfort and affordability when it comes to tickets and traveling. Plus, not crowded ferries make the journey as pleasant as Elytis describes it in his poems.

2) Suitable temperature in September

The weather during September is another strong reason to travel to Greece in September. During the summer months, the temperature in Athens and the Greek islands sometimes exceeds 40 degrees. This makes it impossible even for locals to get around and can prevent you from doing outdoor activities like hiking or city tours during the day. While everyone has a different preference when it comes to heat, the slightly lower temperatures during the month of September are more suitable for wandering around the cobbled streets of Mykonos or swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the beaches of Crete.

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September has an average temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius, a perfect temperature to do all your planned activities. During the day you can still enjoy swimming at the Greek beaches or lounging by the water. In the afternoon, when the cool Aegean breeze makes its appearance, you can enjoy the Greek cuisine, wander around the beautiful narrow streets of the Cycladic islands or explore the historic streets of Athens.

3) Get acquainted with the authentic Greek culture

When the place you visit is less crowded, you get to know it in a more authentic way. This is the case when it comes to visiting Greece in September. With most of the tourists having departed and the crowds on the streets and in the shops being a memory, the country returns to normal.

That’s the magic of September, it’s the end of summer with all the shops and attractions of the summer season still open but also giving you the chance to enjoy them in a more relaxed period.

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4) Choose from a range of activities

Besides swimming at the magnificent beaches, the cooler weather is conducive to more excursions into nature or to historical and archaeological sites. In Greece, lots of cultural events start in September. You will therefore have the opportunity to enjoy a performance at the historic Odeon of Herodes Atticus or see the magical view of the Acropolis at night from the National Observatory of Athens while enjoying your wine.

On the other hand, if history is not among your top activity choices, you can enjoy a drink and a meal on one of Athens’ countless rooftops, which offer a unique cultural experience. If you wish to combine the two, the Acropolis Museum Cafe and Restaurant, located on the second floor, makes for the perfect romantic setting for a meal with views of the Acropolis. Don’t forget we can also organize for you and your family customised activities based on your desire.

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5) Discover mainland Greece

September is the perfect time to discover other places in mainland Greece that will amaze you. As cliché as it sounds, Greece is not just about the islands. Only a few hours drive from Athens, you can see places of unparalleled natural beauty and great historical significance.

A typical example is Meteora, where the impressive rocky landscape blends harmoniously with the religious element of the monasteries. Another place that is not-to-be-missed at a distance of almost 2 hours from Athens, is Delphi, the great temple of Apollo in ancient times. There you can visit the oracle of Delphi, where Pythia gave her famous prophecies in antiquity, and admire the stadium where thousands of people once gathered.

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It is undeniable that Greece will enchant you any time you decide to visit it. But by choosing September, you combine the experience of the famous Greek summer and the option for a more active holiday, with access to numerous cultural festivals and events.

I hope this blog has ignited your wanderlust and provided valuable insights into the enchanting experience of visiting Greece in September.

The unique blend of mild weather, fewer crowds and vibrant cultural events during September makes it an ideal time to explore this captivating destination.

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