15 Photos That You Won’t Believe Are Actually Taken in Greece

15 Photos That You Won’t Believe Are Actually Taken in Greece

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These photos are not what you typically think of when we say Greece. Greece is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country that has so much to offer its visitors. Yet, we so often focus on the beaches and summer destinations and forget that there is a whole new side to Greece that some people don’t even know exists. Let’s create a new picture of Greece with the photos below that hopefully shed new light into what it is like travelling to Greece and the type of destinations you can explore.

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Winter Wonderland

There is snow, there is below freezing temperatures, there is cold and windy and there is winter. If you thought differently, I apologize for ruining your perception but someone had to.

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☝️ You know who else couldn’t believe how much snow we get in Greece. Clare and her fiance who also got engaged in Athens and have some incredible photos to prove it. Clare has lived through no less than 9 NYC winters among other places but this she says is the most snow she has ever seen. Head to her profile to read the whole caption, it is worth it.

☝️ Did you think this was in Scandinavia? Or maybe anywhere but Greece! Anna says she is an amateur photographer, but there is nothing amateur about the jaw dropping shots in her profile. Winter season in Greece shines through her magic photographic lens.

☝️ The pristine beauty of Papingo makes it an ideal winter destination that is adored by Greeks and international visitors. You will enjoy winter views of the expansive mountain ranges and be treated to warm local delicacies in the stone houses of the village. Thank you Lola for transporting us there through your photos.

The Wildlife

Together with the idea that Greece is a tropical destination comes the inability to comprehend the type of wildlife that calls Greece home. Have a look at the photos below to get a better idea of what we mean.

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☝️ Brown bears once used to roam free across Europe but unfortunately numbers have dwindled in recent years. The Environmental Centre Arcturos, or just “arcturos” as it is known across Greece, rescues cubs and bears in illegal enclosures and also runs a sanctuary were brown bears can be cared for while waiting to be released back into the wild. Visiting the Arcturos Sanctuary is possible as part of their educational programs but there is no guarantee that you will see or photograph a bear.

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☝️ This majestic Dalmatian Pelican was photographed in Lake Kerkini by Sean Weekly. It is an artificial reservoir and one of the most impressive places to observe bird life in Northern Greece. Dalmatian pelicans are under threat with most of their breeding places disturbed by fishermen or electric power lines. Balkan wetlands including Lake Kerkini are where most of the Dalmatian pelicans seek refuge during the winter months. For more incredible wildlife photography follow Sean Weekly or head to his website.

☝️ No you are not on safari but we can’t blame you if you got confused. This photo snapped by photographer and digital media strategist Sophia Mavrantza, was taken in Lake Kerkini, Northern Greece. Sounds familiar? Not only is this area a bird lovers paradise but you can also hang out with some cute water buffalo.

Diverse Landscapes

Are you wondering what else there could also possibly be on offer in Greece that you hadn’t considered before? What about impressive waterfalls, lakes, canyons, gorges and desert-like scenery.

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[☝️ Winter is coming in the Peloponnese in southern Greece.

☝️ The magical colours of autumn. Drone photography by Dimitris Trizonis.

☝️ What an incredible shot by Christos Miaris. It might be freezing but I still want to jump in.

☝️ Samaria Gorge in Crete Island, photographed by Kitti Zsobrak. One of the most beautiful hikes you can take in Greece.

☝️ This is a desert and yes it is in Greece. Lemnos island to be exact. You can find more shots of Lemnos and other Greek island destinations on Lena’s profile.

  • These are just some of the photos that you won’t believe were taken in Greece but there is so much more to discover. Do you want to travel to Greece and don’t know where to start? We curate personalized itineraries and offer private guided tours and trip services for all kind of travel needs. Contact us here or leave us a comment below. Safe travels to all!

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