Locals Share Their Favorite Rainy Day Activity in Athens

Locals Share Their Favorite Rainy Day Activity in Athens

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What is there to do during a rainy day in Athens? We asked some locals to share their favourite places and things to do when the weather decides to become less than cooperative in the capital.

Athens is blessed with great year-round weather so most visitors especially between June and September will not have to worry about securing an umbrella. The average rainfall in June, July and September is after all just one day!

Truth be told, you don’t even have to wait for a rain day in Athens to visit these spots. They are great either way.

Zoi Dova

On a rainy day in the centre of Athens there is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee together with friends after a long day at work or at university. It is even better when the coffee is accompanied by something sweet at a friendly setting like “Portatif Cafe”, a stunning spot, very central and close to the universities.

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Christos Miaris

Athens is a city that is changing shape at any time. A strong wind, some rain clouds and … everything sounds different, at least through my eyes. My favorite habit is to pick up my camera and look for angles that are transformed into different frames of view through the raindrops

Christos Miaris

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Rain doesn’t really suit the city of Athens, with the best activities and excursions made possible when the weather is good. If I had to focus on the rainy days, however, there is nothing I find more creative than spending a day attending events, performances and seminars at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation or the Onassis Stegi Foundation. And the best part? Free entrance!


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Gabriilia Margeli

A walk at the ‘Railway Carriage Theater’ or “Treno Sto Rouf” as we say. Here you will find the Music Wagon from the Orient Express where musical and theatrical performances take place. Each wagon has its own role and depending on what you are after, you can visit the Music Wagon, Restaurant Wagon, Bar Wagon or Theatre Wagon. The newest wagon, hosts the Festival of Young Artists and different other visual performances.

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Michalis Christou

Early evening at the Mikrolimano in Piraeus, with a hot chocolate in a cafe, a fireplace, rain drizzling on the harbour waters, seagulls nested inside the boats, watching a ship anchoring in Faliro at the distance.

Diana P.

My favourite spot when it’s raining is the National Library of Greece found within the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. The glass roof allows the light to come through but it is also great for watching the rain fall in the man-made water canal just outside.

Another favourite rainy day activity in Athens is to go to the hammam. There are some very sophisticated and authentic hammam baths in Athens that visitors can explore. My favourite is in Monastiraki. It might be rainy outside but when you are in a hammam the time stops and you are focused on relaxing!

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Alexandros Tsoutis

Athens is a city gifted by sunlight most times of the year. The pleasant Mediterranean climate of four seasons can bring some rainy days as well. This should not distract the visitor from enjoying a different less stereotypical experience of the city. For photography hobbyists there are numerous opportunities for shooting the famous places or hidden corners of Athens and capturing the everyday life of its residents, under the rainy weather mood. Reflections, fog, cloud overcasts or some chance of an urban rainbow, can add to your shots a “wow” factor.

The sea shores of the surrounding area of Athens can offer great captures too, from the port of Piraeus, continuing to the residential suburbs of Faliro and Vouliagmeni, to the ancient temple site of Sounio. So, get armed with your raincoat, weatherproof shoes and a dry bag and explore.

Alternatively, you can enjoy indoor places offering great views. Like the Acropolis Museum with a panoramic view of the Parthenon, or the Niarchos Foudation, a multicultural public space and significant landmark.

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Athens NIghtlife

Anna Paparizou

Before we became parents, staying in and cozying up was our favorite pastime on a rainy day. Or if it was moody and showering, we’d probably hit the road and head to the mountains!

Toddlers on the other hand, need activities – otherwise they release their energy on our apartment, if you know what I mean.
When they were younger, and we were afraid of germs in confined spaces, we would take them for a drive. They would nap, and we would enjoy the city and a warm cup of coffee.

Life is different with twins, but it’s still bella!

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