2 Greek Beaches That Consistently Rank Among Best Beaches Worldwide

2 Greek Beaches That Consistently Rank Among Best Beaches Worldwide

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All in all, nobody can deny that Greece has some amazing beaches. Due to its convenient location in the Mediterranean, the water gets warmer earlier in the summer, and stays warmer for longer when autumn has made its presence known in other countries. No ocean also means no massive currents or tides, so most of the beaches are safer for young ones. My personal favourite, no great white sharks or other happy predators.

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Regardless of what kind of beach experience you are after there are some Greek beaches that continuously rank among some of the world’s finest.

The beaches mentioned feature in some of the top sites on all things travel.

Navageio or Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos

There is a very high chance that you have seen this beach featured on a brochure about Greece. This small cove is located in Zakynthos, also known as Zante. It is seemingly in the middle of nowhere with steep cliffs all around it and a massive shipwreck on the white sand bed. To get here you will need a boat or to secure a transfer through one of the local companies. The shipwreck, called MV Panayiotis, washed up in 1980 but the cause is still under debate. The personal recollection from the captain state that the MV Panayiotis was grounded due to a heavy storm and subsequent mechanical failure. However, a lot of people believe that it was a smuggler ship, carrying contraband, like cigarettes, alcohol and even women. Whatever the real story, the name has stuck, and so the little cove remains as Smugglers Cove.

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Elafonisi Beach on Crete island

Located on the island of Crete in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, this beach is consistently voted as one of the best in Greece. The area is protected under the European Union Natura 2000 program, that seeks to protect areas of biodiversity through conversation efforts. Visitors can walk around a vast expanse of soft white sand that takes on a pink hue where it meets the water. This phenomenon is caused by microorganisms in the water and it is strictly forbidden to remove the sand crystals from the area. There is no denying the natural beauty of the area, that will appeal to young and old alike. The shallow pools of warm water that form at different parts of the day are ideal for children to play in white the remote unorganized parts of the beach will appeal to those that prefer a quiet sunbathing spot.
  • Next time you browse an article on the best beaches of the world, look out for these two Greek beaches. At least one of them will be in there! What is your favourite beach? Let’s keep the discussion going in the comments below.

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