Best Restaurants and Taverns in Thessaloniki Favored By Locals

Best Restaurants and Taverns in Thessaloniki Favored By Locals

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The best restaurants in Thessaloniki are waiting for hungry visitors! In Thessaloniki, we love going out having fun and tasting good food. Talking about Greek cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is the Greek taverns. Thessaloniki is committed to serving quality food to people, so there is a huge number of taverns that can satisfy your appetite. By definition, “tavern” is a Greek restaurant that serves traditional food at reasonable prices.

Usually, there is a live music show going on with a Greek bouzouki for your entertainment, so you can get as much of the Greek lifestyle experience as possible. These are our suggestions with the best taverns you need to visit before leaving the city, whether you are a meat or a fish lover.


In the most beautiful neighbourhood of Thessaloniki, Upper Town or “Ano Poli”, there is a tavern named “Tiho- Tiho”. In Greek, this means “by the wall” and stands for the fact that the restaurant is located near the Byzantine city walls.

Besides the standard menu, there is a weekly menu, which has a special dish for every day of the week. The specials may be a burger stuffed with graviera cheese on Monday, a stuffed sausage with coleslaw and graviera cheese on Tuesday, a fresh salad with traditional Cretan myzithra ( something like a cream cheese but saltier) on Wednesday and fried chicken with mushrooms, bacon and tyrokafteri sauce ( traditional Greek cheesy sauce) on Thursday. Greek traditional dishes are prepared with a modern twist that can appeal to young and old alike.

For example, you can go for the typical “dolmadakia” dish but at “Tiho-Tiho” you will get them accompanied by a mint mousse, giving the traditional recipe a fresh touch, which is equally delicious. Accompany your food with the great variety of Greek wines on offer while admiring the view of the city from above.

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“Massalia” in Greek means Marseille. @massalia_restaurants

This tavern was named after the French city. Its sign, the weathercock is a symbol that the Fokaeis people gave to French people as a celebration for the establishment of Marseille. The tavern Marseille was originally located in the village Fokies in the Halkidiki Peninsula, a few hours away from where it is now. In 2014, the owners decided to open the popular “Massalia” tavern in Thessaloniki and it has since then become the talk of the town.

Here you can find both meat and fish flavors, as well as a large variety of vegan options with plenty of fresh vegetables and salads. The menu is seasonal so you know you are getting the freshest ingredients in whatever you order.

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If you are a fish lover, this is the place for you. Located beside the coastline of Kalamaria, here you can have a delicious lunch by the sea with a great view of the Thermaic Gulf. It is the perfect place for a lunch under the Greek sun or a lovely dinner by the sea, accompanied by their carefully selected wine list.

The restaurant specializes in seafood and fresh fish which comes directly from the Fish Auction of Michaniona , a market 30km out of Thessaloniki that operates one of the largest fishing fleets. The restaurant has been in operation since 1976. As the owners of Miami Seafood Restaurant, Gogo and Dina Tertsi, say their goal is “to create food that restores, replenishes and revives”. It seems that their goal has been accomplished, as the long history of the restaurant shows. Go there and let yourself live the “MAIAMI Experience”

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Mia Feta

How would it sound to you if I told you that there is a place dedicated to the famous – as Greek as it gets- feta cheese? Mia Feta – Feta Bar on Pavlou Mela street is exactly what its name reveals: a bar that offers feta and a variety of other Greek cheeses. But it is not only that! It operates as a deli store, where you can purchase your favourite dairy products made from the Kourellas family, the owners of this new concept store. In the morning, you can have a breakfast of Greek yoghurt accompanied by fresh fruits, nuts, and honey. But it also operates as a restaurant, where you can sample great dishes based on the incredible superfood that is feta cheese.

Do not leave the place without trying the cheese fondue and the graviera saganaki dish accompanied with cherry tomatoes and lime sauce. Graviera is a salty yellow cheese that is delicious enough on its own but that becomes even better if you fry it. Saganaki for those of you keeping notes for later is the fried cheese! Don’t miss it. The most famous graviera in Greece is from Naxos Island, just in case you are heading there after for your Greek island holidays.

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Going to the east part of Thessaloniki, away from the fuzziness of the city centre, you should visit the Greek Restaurant “Bachtses”. At 11 Queen Olga Avenue, you will find a small place with fancy decorations and plenty of colour on the walls and furniture. You will recognize it by the colourful fresh peppers hanging from the ceiling and the narrow aisle that leads to a beautiful open backyard at the back of the store. The place is decorated based on an ethnic-style aesthetic: old vintage furniture, colorful walls, traditional Greek decoration like colorful small carpets (hanging on the walls) and old pottery.

The menu covers all tastes. If you are in the mood for some seafood to accompany your ouzo with, go for the fried calamari (squid) dish. Enjoy it with lots of lemons and a big portion of Greek salad. If you are more of a meat lover, there are even more options for you. Try the “mixed tigania” dish, which is a combination of fried pork, chicken, sausages, fresh green peppers and spices.

An absolute must try: the “feta saganaki” dish. This miraculous thing is a pan-seared Greek cheese appetizer. A generous portion of feta is fried, then topped with sesame seeds and sweet honey. The combination of salty cheese and wild thyme Greek honey is the perfect starter for your meal.

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7 Thalasses

Here we are talking about one of the best seafood restaurants in Thessaloniki but also the whole of Greece. 7 Seas, which is the translation of the name of the restaurant, has plenty of awards in its history: 2006-2007-2008 Gourmet Award and 2010Best Greek Cuisine Award.

The menu is built around fresh quality fish, seafood and 80 % Greek organic goods. Chef Andreas Voulgaris has designed a menu based on the Greek culinary tradition but with a fresh, gourmet touch that makes it undoubtedly appealing to the foodies out there. There is also the possibility of private dining.

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  • During your visit to Thessaloniki, one thing is certain you will be fed well! Whether you are a pescetarian, a vegetarian or a meat-lover; you will be able to find the place for you. This list of the best restaurants in Thessaloniki we recommend you visit is always under improvement.

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