4 Top Coffee Spots In The Centre of Athens For Your Caffeine Dose

4 Top Coffee Spots In The Centre of Athens For Your Caffeine Dose

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Every day in Athens needs to start with a good cup of coffee! The act of going out for coffee in Greece is an integral part of the culture and there are many ways that Greeks like to enjoy their coffee.

Whether you are after a morning cup of goodness, a little afternoon pick me up, or a place to spend a few hours at with a few friends while contemplating life, we have got you covered. Here are some coffee spots in the centre of Athens that every coffee lover would enjoy.

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On their website, Carpo states they are all about “nuts, chocolate and coffee”. If this isn’t the trifecta of your dreams then I don’t know what could be. Started in 1991, as an importing and processing business dealing in products of the highest quality, Carpo opened its first retail shop in 2011 after which 4 more followed in the centre of Athens and three in top locations around London (including Picaddily Street, Knightsbridge, Selfridges). The shop in Kolonaki is located in one of the most upscale neighbourhoods of Athens. It is small but charming and you can easily stand by and watch locals sip on their espressos on the window sill and wave goodbye. You are guaranteed an exceptional cup of coffee which we recommend you pair with one of their chocolate pralines or florentines. For those looking for something healthier, check out their granola and energy bars.

More info about Carpo

Kanari 4, Athina

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat 7 AM – 9:30 PM

Sunday – closed

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Kaya is one of those local hangout places, that often requires someone pulls you to the side and drags you by the hand.

Even then you are probably going to wonder where this place is hidden in. Your doubts will definitely subside once the perfectly brewed cup of coffee touches your lips and you are in heaven. From the massive floor to ceiling window that makes up the storefront, you can watch the baristas prepare your coffee. What is interesting is that their back is facing you, so that you get a full view of the preparation and not just the person.

There are five grinders to choose from and a rotation of specialty blends on offer. Whether you want a quick pick me up or are just a massive fan of coffee, this is the place for you! Your wallet will also thank you.

More info about Kaya

Voulis 7, Athina

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 7 AM – 6 PM

Sat 8 AM – 4 PM

Sunday – closed

Phone: +302130284305

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6 d.o.g.s – the garden

As you turn into Avramiotou street, only a few steps away from Monastiraki Square, neon signs spell out 6 d.o.g.s and you might be excused for wondering where the cafe is actually located.

And then, as you slowly step down the funky looking steps, in what often looks like little more than a construction site, your eyes adjust to the light coming in from the garden and you are inside.

A hidden little cove carved out of rock and with sand lining the floor is revealed, complete with wooden chairs and tables, extending upwards and outwards, with comfy colourful cushions and plenty of trees offering their shade.

That is just one of the many rooms 6 d.o.g.s has and while a coffee spot it is, and a very good one at that, it also takes on the duties of club, venue or gallery in some of its many cleverly concealed spaces.

The name is said to have been inspired by 6 “degrees of separation” while the added “g” in the middle was due to the many strays dogs that frequented the area (and probably still do). This is a spot that attracts young, old, hippie, alternative, modern, and classy all together and one that every Greek in the vicinity should be able to point you towards.

If you only have 1 or 2 days to spare in Athens, this is the spot we would recommend you experience for a cup of coffee.

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More info about 6 d.o.g.s

Avramiotou 6-8, Athina

Opening Hours:

Mon-Thurs 10:30 AM – 2:30 AM

Friday/Saturday 10:30 AM – 4:30 AM

Sunday 10:30 AM – 1:30 AM

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TAF – The Art Foundation

Another coffee spot in Athens where first impressions should not be trusted is TAF, or The Art Foundation!

As you walk down Normanou street and enter through the old wooden door and into this indoor patio, the question everyone is asking is, how old is this building? Built around 1870, the original structure once functioned as a prison but now hosts the artworks of contemporary artists.

A lively crowd is always to be found under the trees, and if you are lucky to be one of them take advantage of both their coffee and their signature cocktails.

More info about TAF – The Art Foundationor Monastiraki branch

Normanou 5, Athina

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 10:30 – 3 AM

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