Sweet Escape: The 6 Best Places To Get Dessert In Athens

Sweet Escape: The 6 Best Places To Get Dessert In Athens

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Sometimes you just crave something sweet. Here’s where to go to cure your cravings.

If you’ve got a particular inclination for food of the sweet variety then you may want some suggestions on where to go in Athens for a delicious dessert. You are on holiday after all! This list compiles 6 of the best places, tried and tested, to go if dessert is what you’re after. I’ve chosen places that specialise in desserts, so attention to detail is everything as sweets is what they know best. They have such a good reputation you might have some competition with other dessert goers!

Nancy’s Sweet Home

Nancy’s Sweet home has a delectable selection of desserts. The front cabinet is full of all the different options you have to choose from, so you don’t need to rely on just your imagination and the menu. They take a simple traditional Greek dessert and turn it into something else, whipped cream and a side of ice cream always helps bring a dessert to the next level. There are also some less traditional desserts like wafer pies and brownies, all of which are decadent, rich and delicious. All you have to do is choose what suits you best. And if you’re really lucky, the resident cat might have warmed your seat for you. If you’re in Athens you better not miss Nancy’s Sweet Home.

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Little Kook

The biggest appeal of this place is its incredible decorations. Little Kook is always bedazzled inside and out with an elaborate theme and decorations that spread into the alleyways, even the staff are dressed up! While navigating the chaotic alleyways in the centre of Athens it was a delight to stumble upon this café. The theme will vary depending on the time of year you visit. At the end of the year you’ll come across a spooky theme surrounding Halloween, or festive decorations in the lead up to Christmas and the Mary Poppins theme is also equally exciting and one the kids will love. The desserts here are large and decadent and the menu is themed accordingly. They are open until late and offer a small selection of beer, wine and cocktails, so you might want to come after dinner and share a dessert over a drink or too. Little Kooks popularity speaks for itself, despite having seating outside, inside and upstairs there can often be a queue. If you don’t want to wait in line, plan your visit outside peak hours.

Konstantinidis Confectioneries

I saw multiple people walking around Athens, with what was clearly baked goods in little red boxes with beautiful golden ribbons, and I had to do my best to find out where they were coming from. I eventually traced the supplier and found that it was Konstantinidis, a bakery on Stadiou street in Athens. Getting handed a taster upon arrival, I knew I was onto something good. This is the ultimate place to go for traditional Greek desserts. As well as traditional desserts you can get single servings of gourmet delicacies like tiramisu, banoffee or cheesecake to take home and treat yourself. What’s in the box you ask? That’ll be up to you!

Le Greche

Gelato is of course an Italian delicacy, and a good Italian friend of mine shared with me the secrets to choosing the best gelato. It was this advice that allowed me to find the best gelato place in Athens, Le Greche. You’ll be pleased you can find this genuine Italian dessert right here in Athens and that they follow the cardinal rules of gelato making! Le Greche have a number of classic (I recommend amarena, the sour cherry) or gourmet flavours (baklavas cream and tiramisu), so you might need to try a few scoops. As well as gelato, Le Greche sell coffee and gourmet desserts. This is definitely my favourite place for authentic gelato in Athens.

The three most important things you need to look out for when making a gelato purchase is the colour, container and texture. While a bright rich colour may look appealing in the shop window, it screams inauthenticity. Real gelato is made from real ingredients, so if your pistachio is bright green give it a miss. The container for your gelato needs to be metal, not plastic. At Le Greche you’ll have to rely on the menu board to choose your flavour as all containers are covered with a metal lid, further ensuring the gelato is kept at a perfect temperature. Lastly texture! At many ‘gelato’ stores you’ll see that the containers are piled high with elaborate decorations, and while they look mouth-watering, they aren’t true gelato. In comparison to ice cream, gelato has a very dense texture, and if what you’re thinking of purchasing is able to be piled that high, it’s is due to emulsifiers.


Lukumades is another dessert place in central Athens and the best place to try some loukoumades, one of the best traditional Greek desserts. These Greek donuts as they’re also called are little balls of dough that are deep fried, making them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. At Lukumades you can get this dessert served in a range of different ways, including different toppings and even fillings. While the traditional topping is honey and cinnamon, there are plenty of options to experiment with.

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