The Best Green Spaces In Thessaloniki To Discover

The Best Green Spaces In Thessaloniki To Discover

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Thessaloniki might be famous for its history and gastronomy, but there are many more things to discover in this beautiful city. The city is full of green spaces, ideal for strolling, jogging, cycling or just coming closer to mother nature. We are here for you, to list the most beautiful and “greenest” spaces in Thessaloniki, from the easternmost to the westernmost part of the city.

Nea Paralia Themed Parks

As we have mentioned in a previous blog, the seafront of Thessaloniki or as we call it in Greece “Nea Paralia” is a jewel of the city. The water side scenery is completed by 13 themed parks, which begin from the White Tower and end in the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki. There is something for everyone here. Whether you are the athletic type that prefers tennis and basketball courts or a young one that prefers the playground. There are also flowers, herbs, ponds and water lilies that you can photograph, walk by, or sit next to and read a book.

Here is a detailed list with all the themed parks of Nea Paralia:

  • The Alexander Park, named by the huge statue of Great Alexander standing in front of the Thermaic Gulf and small fountains giving an extra cool vibe in the park.
  • The Afternoon Sun Park, which is located in front of the Macedonia Palace Hotel and consists of elevated concrete seats that give a great view of the sea, especially during the sunset.
  • Sand Park, where you can find a playground, a tennis court, and the road education park (Πάρκο Κυκλοφοριακής Αγωγής).
  • Shadow Park, which is full of colorful flowers. This is an ideal stop during your morning walk.
  • Season Park, which is another spot full of plants and flowers. A beautiful outdoor amphitheater stands there that holds special events.
  • The Odysseus Foka Park, which is dedicated to the young ones, with many playgrounds and green spaces. There is also a playground suitable for children with disabilities.
  • The Mediterranean Park, which consists of a plethora of Mediterranean herbs and citrus fruits. A pet friendly location idea for your four legged friends.
  • The Sculpture Park, where you will find a big water surface, which has a glass room on top of it where sculptures are displayed.
  • The Rose Park, which is decorated – surprise, surprise!- by roses and consists of playgrounds and seating spots.
  • Memory Park, which consists of tennis and basketball courts, as well as pet-friendly spaces.
  • Sound Park, where you can find tall trees and a memorial to the Korean War casualties.
  • Water Park, where water is the main element. In the center of the park, you will find a pond covered with water lilies. A cafe is located by the pond, where you can enjoy refreshments.
  • Music Park, which is the ideal place for music events.

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The Dam Of Thermi

Just a few kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, you will find heaven on earth for nature-lovers. In an area of 12 acres, you will find a small pond full of ducks and other animals. There are also tennis, basketball and football courts as well as bike trails. Young and old can spend a day full of activities here.

Throughout the year, many cultural events take place in the dam, like music concerts and theatrical plays. At the top of the hill, there is a cafeteria, where you can enjoy your coffee.

Gardens Of The Pasha

This is the most interesting park in Thessaloniki. Even the locals may not know about this beautiful and mysterious place in the city so if you have some time set out on a little adventure. The park belongs to the hospital of Agios Dimitrios since 1904. Nowadays it is a public park, located in the Upper Town district, next to the eastern walls of Thessaloniki. The garden probably took its name from the Ottoman Feyzullah Pasha. Pasha was the highest rank in the Ottoman Empire and this particular one is said to have enjoyed walking around the park. Can definitely see why!

The interesting construction and sculptures in the park are difficult to define. This has drawn links to the famous Parc Güell of Gaudí in Barcelona in terms of uniqueness. Due to the uncertain background of the garden, it is considered one of the most arcane places in the city.

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Seih Sou Forest

The forest of Seih Sou is often referred to as the lungs of the city. Besides the ecological aspect, the forest of Seih Sou is one of the biggest and most beautiful green places in Thessaloniki. Its name derives from the Ottoman years of the city, as it means “water of the Seih” after the water fountain that used to stand in this place.

If you are a fan of hiking or running this is the place for you! The forest is full of trails and paths, ideal for your morning or afternoon exercise. By walking the forest, you will find many relaxing spots with a panoramic view of the whole city of Thessaloniki.

A great idea is to combine your visit to the forest with a visit to the nearby City Zoo of Thessaloniki. You will have the chance to see many animals like deer, goats, squirrels, wild sheep, and peacocks. The area of the zoo is around 33000 m2 and is structured in a way that is similar to the natural environmental habitat of the animals. What’s more, you can visit the museum of Natural History and the House of Reptiles at the same time.

Pedion tou Areos in Thessaloniki

Just in the heart of the city center, there is the Pedion tou Areos park. In contrast to the concrete atmosphere of the rest of the city, this park is full of trees, flowers, small pods full of turtles and fountains, as well as a playground for the little ones. There is also a canteen with coffee and refreshments.

Throughout the year, many events and festivals take place in this park. The most famous of them is the Honey festival when honey producers of northern Greece show the audience their best honey products. By attending the event, they will offer you divine Greek yogurt, accompanied by honey nuts and “loukoumades” for dessert. The event takes place every September and the entrance is free for all.

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  • It is scientifically proven that coming close to nature, makes people happier and healthier. What’s better than strolling around a beautiful park and enjoying plenty of activities close to nature? Thessaloniki, apart from all its other beauties, has many green places to enter your must-visit list.

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