Instagram Accounts That Show The Beauties Of Greece

Instagram Accounts That Show The Beauties Of Greece

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What’s better than beginning your day with images from the Greek islands, the Greek sun, and Aegean blue?

We scrolled, searched and found the best Instagram accounts that reflect the beauties of Greece, from the famous sunset of Santorini to the small mountainous villages of northern Greece.

Alexandros Maragos

Alexandros Maragos is a Greek award-winning photographer and filmmaker.

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As a filmmaker, he has been evolved in many international and Greek film productions. As a photographer, he has been featured in many international publications and organizations, such as NASA and National Geographic.

In his account, there are photos and time-lapses of Greece through his diverse and dynamic perspective. The key element of his photos is the influence of cinematography and the theme of his photos is urban, nature and landscape photography.

Instagram account: @alexmaragos


Stefanos is a young Greek photographer, whose interests are travel, photography, and tourism. His account’s main color is blue, with eye catching photos of the Greek islands and the crystal-clear waters of the Greek seas.

There are also many photos from winter in Greece, where you can explore the hidden beauties of Greek mountains and small villages, unknown to the tourists.

Instagram account: @stef_greece

Dionysios Kaminaris

Dionysis Kaminaris is a Greek civil engineer, who loves the art of photography and Greece and lives on the beautiful island of Kefalonia.

He combined his two loves and the result was the beautiful images of Greece you can find in his personal account. Since 2013, he is the founder and admin of one of the most famous Greek accounts, @wu_greece.

The World Union Greece account is dedicated to posting magnificent photos of Greece from their Instagram community.

Instagram account: @diokaminaris

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Christos Miaris

Christos Miaris is a Greek photographer and cinematographer that captures stunning images from all around the country.

In his gallery you find dreamy aerial photography shots from the Greek mountains and beaches. With a simple and crisp aesthetic, photos come alive to tell their own story.

Christos is based in Athens but his photographic lens takes him inside and outside the country. You can get in touch for photography lessons.

Instagram account: @cm_droneandmore


Surprise, surprise! We could not end this list without including our very own Instagram account. Definitely Greece’s account focuses on highlighting the places of Greece that show the hidden beauties of Greece, as they are seen by us, the locals.

In this account, you will not only see photos from Greek summer but snapshots of the Greek lifestyle and traditions. Of course, we are also here if you want to make your dreams a reality and plan a trip to Greece.

Instagram account: @definitelygreece

Do you want to enrich your Instagram feed with colors, nature, and history? Then follow the above-mentioned Instagram accounts, where you can see beautiful images of Greece.

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