The Best Quiet Greek Islands To Escape To

The Best Quiet Greek Islands To Escape To

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There is beauty in the unknown. This is why a holiday that encompasses both the culture and the country in a way that really lets you see the real Greece is one of the best ways to travel. And sometimes this might be in a place you hadn’t previously heard of. On the quiet Greek Islands you can experience exactly that. These places remain relatively untouched by tourism, and they offer endless peacefulness and tranquility for those who seek it. So, get acquainted and get ready to explore the unknown.

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Kythira is one of the unsung gems of Greece. While some destinations are well known, this island remains an uncrowded alternative for those seeking some of the quiet Greek islands. It is also perfect for a family getaway. Some amazing experiences that await you on Kythira. Pear trees, plum trees and almond trees spring from its rich earth. Hidden caves and trickling waterfalls are nestled in among its hundreds of gorges.

Legend has it that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty, was born on Kythira so it is no wonder that this island possesses a raw beauty that can be found in the many accessible beaches and rugged gorges scattered about the island. In Kythira, you will have no shortage of places to explore.

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It is quite likely you’ve never heard of Amorgos, but like Santorini and Mykonos, it lies in the Aegean Sea. It’s the outermost island of the Cyclades complex. Due to its remote geographical position from the mainland, it is one of the quiet Greek islands, perfect for an escape from the crowds. Amorgos has the classic whitewashed houses with splashes of blue, and even a windmill or two. But here you’ll experience a kind of tranquility that rivals even the most secluded places and beaches in Santorini.

Amorgos does not have the bustling beach bars like in Mykonos. But it has cafes where people come to sip coffee during the day and grab a drink with friends in the evening, enjoying the slow pace of island life. It also has quiet rocky beaches that take your breath away! If you choose to visit Amorgos you can take advantage of this unique and relaxed culture.

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As the locals like to say, even on the busiest of summer months it is still possible to find a beach to yourself in Chios. This is what we love about the quiet Greek islands and it’s one of the reasons to visit Chios. Despite being a quiet island, it is the fifth largest in Greece and is located in the northern Aegean Sea. If you explore the northern part of the island and its high peaks, you’ll find villages untouched by mass tourism, offering stunning views of the west coast beaches and the mountain paths that are waiting to be explored.

This island is unique for another reason. The south portion of the island is the only place in the world where the mastic tree can produce mastic resin. Mastiha, as the locals call it, is in a range of products from ouzo to gum, to ice cream.


This little island is a fusion of cultural elements. It sits in the Aegean Sea and although it belongs to the Dodecanese complex it is much more similar to those in the Cyclades. Because of its geographical position, Astypalaia is a quiet haven for those looking to go further afield, yet still enjoy the blue-white houses and winding alleys like those of Santorini.

To take your experience to the next level we highly recommend you take a day trip to the small islands of Koutsomitis and Kounoupes. After a short boat ride, you will find yourself in paradise. These two uninhabited islands do not have the typical Aegean waters and here you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the ocean. White sand, turquoise waters and an untouched environment mesmerize every visitor. These are the definition of quiet Greek islands.

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With remnants of Venetian rule still to be seen, there is a rich history to be explored on this island in the Dodecanese. Karpathos has a natural beauty and a humble energy that is so unique to the quieter Greek islands. The whitewashed buildings, characteristic of Greek architecture, sit perched on lush green hills and the rugged rocky landscape of the island.

One of the things that stands out in Karpathos is the many old stone paths or ‘kalderimia’, that despite years of existence, survive to this day with their original character. The very foundations of the island cradle the stories of those who have gone before, and you’ll find many moments of peace on this beautiful island as you revisit the past.

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