3-days To Explore Mykonos Island In Greece

3-days To Explore Mykonos Island In Greece

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Make every day count with our guide for 3 days in Mykonos! A trip to the Greek islands is on the bucket list of many! However, out of the 6,000 (yes – that many zeros!) islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Sea (sorry – and a few tiny little ones like Gavdos in the Libyan sea!), a few have a name and reputation that needs no introduction!

Mykonos is known for its wild nightlife, beautiful beaches, and windmills. Below, we have put together a few suggestions for those that want to pack-in the most of fun in just a few days!


Welcome! – You are officially on Mykonos soil. If you are flying in, Mykonos airport is only a short 10 minute drive to Chora (the main town) as well as other central points like Platis Gialos and Elia Beach.
  • Little tip “chora” literally translates to “space” or “country” in Greek, and it is the name used to describe the main city in a lot of the Greek islands (i.e. Mykonos Chora, Serifos Chora etc.)
We recommend you try to find a flight that arrives in Mykonos early in the morning. Obviously, you will want to make full use of each day, but an early arrival gives you the extra advantage of exploring the island while most others sleep. The nightlife in Mykonos means that you will probably have a late night for the remaining time, so getting in early on the first day will be a treat!
There are many transportation options in Mykonos. However, beware! – Parking in Mykonos beaches and Chora is very very very limited! If you want to avoid hiring a vehicle, public buses run from Chora to all the famous beaches, however, during the busy season (May-August) it can be a hectic experience.
  • Tip: Pre-book your vehicle and inquire whether they can deliver it at the airport or port at the time of your arrival. At a small extra cost, you will be all ready to go the moment you arrive and won’t have to wait around. Making sure free parking on-site is included with the rental is a huge bonus as parking in Mykonos can be a major hassle in the high season.

Hope you have packed light! After all, if you are visiting anywhere from May to September temperatures range from 28-34 degrees most days. This means sleeves and jeans won’t be necessary and you will be comfy in a T-shirt or swimsuit during most parts of the day!

Day 1 in Mykonos

Take a short drive (or walk) down to the Chora. Soak in the beautiful Cycladic architecture – that is the famous whitewashed flat-topped houses which stunning shades of turquoise and blue window shutters. As you make your way down towards little Venice, a network of cobble-stoned alleyways is there for you to explore. Don’t worry about getting lost, most alleyways lead back to little Venice or another little port right behind it!

Take a seat in one of the many boutique coffee shops in little Venice, and watch the little waves come almost all the way to your feet. If you have a sweet tooth, a little tasting of traditional Mykonian sweets is well worth it. Talking of sweets, Bon Bon fait Maison is a highly recommended stop to satisfy your sweet tooth. Situated in the heart of Mykonos town, do not let its minimalistic humble appearance fool you. As you wait to be served the most decadently delicious crepe you have tasted, you will already be planning on what to try next, gelato or ice-cream (Pro-tip: have both!). The crepe base is prepared using the ancient Greek grain of Zea, so I guess you could go as far as calling it “healthy food”!

Next stop, the windmills! A short two-minute walk from little Venice, they stand tall facing the Aegean. The perfect spot to watch the sunset at night, although making the trip in the morning means you can avoid the masses.

And next? Rest up, get in your swimsuit and get ready to go. The party starts around 4pm and finishes well into the night, for most Mykonian beach bars during the high-season. Most beaches in Mykonos are organized, meaning you can hire sunbeds on the beach and spend your day ordering cocktails.

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Day 2 in Mykonos

Hop on your bike and drive towards Platis Gialos (15-minute drive). Platis Gialos is considered a more family friendly destination, and it is a great spot to soak up some sun and swim, while resting for another night of partying!

Along the beach you can find a wide range of restaurants, from sushi bars to Greek tavernas, or a slice of pizza on the go. You can take you pick on what to have for lunch! If you can resist jumping straight into the blue water, have a walk around and see what is on offer. Some beach bars offer a set-menu and drinks with sunbed hire, which means you can swim-eat-sunbathe repeat until the late evening!

A short walk away from Platis Gialos lies the famous Psarrou beach of Mykonos! One of the most exclusive parts of the island, Psarrou is distinguished by the million-dollar yachts, that will be floating a few hundred metes into the sea, and the many familiar faces that will be lying on the sunbeds. If you are heading to Psarrou, make sure to ask a local how to get there by foot. Besides the obvious advantage of walking down the little steps and getting the best view of the beach, it also means you can save some cash on parking, as space is very limited and prices can soar high!

  • Tip! : If the heli-pad on the very north side of the beach is not in use, make sure to walk up the steps and take some pictures from the top, it is worth it!

At night, (during the summer months the sun sets around 9:30pm) relax and enjoy a sunset over the Agean Sea. If you are craving a change of scenary from the beach, make sure to check out Skorpios Bar. Inspired by the ancient Greek Agora, Skorpios bar will excite all your senses. Delicious cocktails, tranquil views, and if you wait a little longer, a party that lasts until the early hours of the morning.

Day 3 – Farewell

Last day to explore Mykonos! If you want to discover one more beach before you leave the island, Agios Ioannis is a great spot for a farewell breakfast, sunbathing and planning your return while waiting for your departure.

  • Tip: Make sure you plan ahead a transfer to your departure point. If leaving by ferry make sure you are aware of the exact port, Mykonos ferry schedules can change often during the summer months and roads can get busy during peak hours.

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