The Best Things To Do In Greece On A Romantic Holiday

The Best Things To Do In Greece On A Romantic Holiday

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Greece is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Perhaps it’s the warm and charismatic nature of the Greek people, the breath-taking scenery or relaxed pace of island living, that makes Greece a tremendously romantic holiday destination. Whatever it is, love is all around. I’ve seen it in the elderly couples swaying to the rhythm of Greek music, looking just as much in love as they were when it first began, I’ve seen it in stunning wedding photoshoots atop whitewashed roofs in Santorini and I’ve seen it in the sunset proposal at a church overlooking the Acropolis in Athens.

While travelling alone is an immensely gratifying way to meet and engage in the experience of new places, if you do have a significant other, being in this beautiful corner of the world is a wonderful way to bond as a couple. Being able to share and create memories with someone you love is immeasurably significant, and something you will both treasure forever.

From land to sea, we have the most incredible holiday activities that are guaranteed to sweep your other half off their feet while on your romantic holiday in Greece.

Sail The Sea On A Catamaran

Love aboard a catamaran! For lovers of the sea, sailing adrift in an expanse of turquoise clear waters is about as romantic as it gets. While on holiday you’ll find there are plenty of options, and for those more experienced a bareboat charter could be the perfect opportunity for you to take control and explore the Greek islands on your own.

Alternatively, you can hire a skippered catamaran which allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the Mediterranean while your needs are taken care of.

Enjoy the stunning caldera views as you swim in hot pools, snorkel or enjoy a sunset tour. Being on board is a great way to escape a crowded beach where you can plunge into your very own expanse of blue far from shore.

Have A Spa Day

Relaxation and beautification are no modern indulgence. The ancient Greeks knew that a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind were deeply entwined. From the Greek islands to Halkidiki you will find an abundance of luxury spas that give you a chance to escape the rush and stress of everyday life and truly delve into the holiday mentality, with options such as Turkish baths, treatments and massages.

As well as resorts and spas there are also many natural thermal springs. For example, in the Athenian Riviera, lies the beautiful lake Vouliagmeni. The high concentration of salts and minerals in the lake offer a number of therapeutic benefits that have been recognized since antiquity.

Whatever you decide to do, the blissful combination of a delicious Mediterranean diet, time off from your busy schedule and a romantic day of relaxation will leave you both feeling rejuvenated.

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Head To The Beach

It wouldn’t be a romantic holiday in Greece if you didn’t grab your swimsuit and towel and take the romance seaside! One of the simplest yet rewarding things to do, and perfect on a hot summer’s day is to head to the beach.

Greece boasts thousands of metres of coastline with so many idyllic beaches to choose from. Two beaches that continuously rank among some of the world’s finest are Navagio or Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos and Elafonisi in Crete. It’s more than likely you’ve seen pictures of these famous beaches before, now it’s time to come and see them for yourself!

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Watch The Sunset Together

There’s something to be said for watching the sun go down on the day in Greece while sitting next to a loved one, let alone the most famous sunset in the world. Santorini provides stunning caldera views, a never-ending expanse of blue and some of the most incredible sunsets you will see while on holiday.

The famed sunset in Oia is often thought as the pinnacle of romantic destinations and you’ll be warmed by the applause as the sinking sun sets this picturesque cliffside village ablaze with golden hues. Often though, it’s nice to enjoy a beautiful setting in a more private surrounding.

Santorini offers this too, with sprawling alleys and copious sunset vantage points you can find a rooftop and settle in for the evening show. Santorini also has a huge number of bars and restaurants that overlook the horizon, an amazing backdrop for a romantic evening.

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Go On A Winery Tour

While you’ve heard of the famous blue and white of Santorini, don’t forget to indulge in the famous white and red. We are of course talking about Greek wine! Greece is one of the oldest producers of wine in the world and as you can imagine, the art of viticulture has been nurtured and perfected for thousands of years, making it some of the best in the world.

Tasting and learning about the unique flavours that this country has to offer in such an idyllic setting, all while sharing the experience with someone important makes for a very special experience.

Explore the finest wineries on Santorini, sit back and take in the caldera views, have a wine tasting or complete a guided tour.

You’re likely to enjoy the wine so much that you’ll take some bottles home as a memento of your amazing romantic holiday together.

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Hire A Vehicle And Explore At Your Own Leisure

Sometimes it’s nice to hit the road together and explore at your own pace. There are so many hidden treasures that you will come across off the beaten track if you just take the time to explore.

When you have your own car on holiday you can explore further and have the freedom to stop wherever you please, whether it be a remote island village or a day hike in the mountains, the romantic road trip ideas are endless. We use and trust Avance car rentals.

Found on most of the popular Greek island destinations and the mainland, they give you the independence you need to make your road trip fantasies a possibility. For another fun idea, why not hire an ATV and go beach hopping on the islands!

Planning your romantic getaway in Greece is just the beginning of an unforgettable journey. If you’re looking to make your experience truly unique and tailored to your preferences, consider reaching out.

Together, we can design a personalized itinerary that reflects your interests and desires, ensuring every moment is filled with romance and adventure. Whether you dream of exploring ancient ruins hand-in-hand, discovering hidden local spots, or indulging in exclusive dining experiences, I’m here to make it happen.

Booking my services means gaining access to insider knowledge and local expertise, allowing you to discover Greece in a way that goes beyond the typical tourist experience.

Contact us today to start planning your romantic escape.

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