Loukoumades Athens: One Dessert Stop To Make When Visiting Athens

Loukoumades Athens: One Dessert Stop To Make When Visiting Athens

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Loukoumades Athens

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Right in the centre of Athens is where you’ll find the perfect place to stop for a little something indulgent – Loukoumades!

Get ready for the low down on Lukumades, one of the best dessert places in Athens. If you are visiting the capital this is a great spot to stop and taste something new, all in the spirit of Greek tradition. Located conveniently in the centre of the city, if you’re shopping on Ermou or in Syntagma square do yourself a favour and check them out. While there are many places in Athens to grab some dessert, we have our favourites and this is one of them, because who doesn’t love doughnuts!?


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What Are Greek Donuts?

Loukoumades are also known in English as ‘Greek donuts’, and just as the name would suggest they’re doughy, sweet and delicious. They are made of a combination of flour, yeast, sugar and water, and once the ingredients are combined they’re deep-fried in oil until golden and crispy. Traditionally they are then served warm, topped with cinnamon and honey. But at Lukumades there are many different sauces, toppings and even fillings that you can experiment with.

You may also want to make this wonderful Greek dessert at home as it is one of the easiest Greek dessert recipes. Feeling a bit more confident?

Here is a full list of Greek desserts you might want to try while travelling around Greece.

Leila, an entrepreneur based in a mountain village in Ikaria, describes the Greek donuts as ‘honey balls’. She serves her loukoumades to hikers that frequent the trails around the area. She has two different recipes, one with mastic (resin from the mastic tree) and flour, while the other is made out of potato.

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Their Story

After opening in 2013 Lukumades quickly rose to popularity in Athens. Now they have won multiple customer service awards, have a food truck to cater at events and are internationally recognised as the place to go for dessert in Athens. Passionate about preserving this Greek tradition Lukumades have provided a modern spin on this much-loved dessert. Their dough for the donuts is prepared fresh throughout the day as needed and they use fresh and seasonal ingredients, to provide the best quality for their valued customers. Their innovation reinvigorates this Greek dessert, forever preserving a valued tradition in the hearts (and stomachs) of those who visit.

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Truly Traditional

Now the ancient Greeks weren’t just great philosophers and warriors, they were also pioneers of another variety, dessert. Loukoumades are among some of the oldest recorded desserts in history. Who knew doughnuts dated back as far as antiquity! These ‘honey-tokens’ were given to Olympic victors alongside the olive wreath. Lukumades honours this timely tradition with their own unique touch. And better yet there’s no need to be an Olympic medallist to get your hands on some of these, all you need to do is visit Athens.


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  • Now for the important question, what toppings and fillings will you choose?! Have you tried loukoumades while in Athens? 

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