5 Photos That Anyone Would Instantly Recognize as Being in Greece

5 Photos That Anyone Would Instantly Recognize as Being in Greece

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You know what they say, “one picture is worth a thousand words”! Greece in photos! Greece is a dreamy destination! The white and blue houses scattered around the Aegean islands, the simple, fresh food that has the added advantage of being incredibly healthy and the warm hospitality of the people, all make visitors fall in love with this place. While there are majestic scenes every which way you turn your head, there are some photos that instantly remind us of Greece and we think you may be able to recognize them as well. Read till the end and make sure to leave a comment if you think there should be another photo added to this list!

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Milos Sarakiniko Beach

Let’s start with one of the most recent additions to the hall of fame, Sarakiniko beach in Milos island. The beautiful island of Milos is in the Aegean but has until recently quietly mesmerized visitors that ventured away from the neighbouring Mykonos and Santorini. The lunar landscape of this area is due to the limestone rock formations on the island. Tell me this doesn’t look like somewhere you want to go?

☝️ Finding a quiet spot for a refreshing swim and some awesome photos. Wanna see more? Follow Anna and Iurri here.

Zakinthos (Zante) Navagio Beach

This is the spot that features prominently on many a travel brochures and has become synonymous with Greece. Shipwreck beach or “navagio” for those that want to attempt to say it in Greek, is a stretch of sand with the abandoned wreckage of a ship which some say drifted ashore during a storm while carrying contraband. To reach this spot you will need to get on a boat and to get the view from above you will need to walk, but obviously it is all worth it! [/v

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☝️ A different angle of this popular beach, you don’t see as often. For more stunning Greek photos you can follow Anna and Iurri here.

The Parthenon

Oh, the Parthenon! The hill of the Acropolis which history or language afficionados should know means ” high or edge of the city”, is a monument that spans thousands of years and has been witness to the tremendous changes, wars, disasters and tragedies that befell the city of Athens. It should be visited by everyone travelling to Greece, preferrably before visiting the new Acropolis Museum! Even a few hours are enough to give you a sense of time and place but be sure to bring some sunscreen if you are hiking during the summer.

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☝️ Attention to details! Blue and white stripes and a beautiful hair piece that is very Grecian indeed. Follow more of Alli’s adventures here.

What an incredible shot of the beautiful city of Athens!

Pita Souvlaki or Gyros

Did you think I would forget about food pictures?#foodporn This simple Greek street food item has been responsible for hundreds of extra kilos gained during the holidays and is a most filling and affordable option for backpackers. For the price of a couple of 2euro coins you can get a soft pita bread filled with the toppings of your choice plus meat. The most popular way to order this is “apola” which means with everything. That can differ across regions and shops but mostly has meat plus tomatoes, fries, onion and tzatziki. Other popular add ons are tomato sauce, mustard, paprika and lettuce. For meat you almost always have chicken and pork gyros (rotisserie) or souvlaki (on a stick). What do you pick?

The Blue Domes of Santorini

One could not make a list of the most well-known sights of Greece without including the iconic blue domes. If you have had the pleasure of visiting this volcanic island you know that getting the perfect shot requires perseverance and dedication with hundreds of visitors eagerly arriving every day and exploring its pictursque streets.

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