Travel Profiles: The 6 People You’ll Meet In Greece That Will Steal Your Heart

Travel Profiles: The 6 People You’ll Meet In Greece That Will Steal Your Heart

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While there are many wonderful people in Greece here are some characters you’re bound to come across on your travels. Traveling is one of the most enriching things you can do in life and one of the reasons for this is the people you meet on your adventures. Some say that the people are what make the place, that they add a dimension to your experience that can’t be gained unless you go beneath the surface, open yourself up to new experiences and dive deep into the heart of a new country. When you do this you will meet people from all walks of life, and despite navigating different languages or stark differences in culture, one thing remains true; genuine human connection knows no barriers. Here we have provided you with some profiles of the classic Greek characters you’re bound to meet on your Mediterranean holiday.

The Grandmother

I can personally guarantee that you will never go hungry in the presence of a Greek yiayia.

Now, this is probably a quality of grandmothers everywhere, regardless of where you are in the world (bless them), but Greek yiayias truly take this to the next level. From your waking moment, you will be fussed over and indulged as if you were on the brink of starvation. But when you’re being served home-cooked traditional dishes, you certainly won’t be complaining. More than likely, the yiayias you meet will speak limited English (if any), but you will be treated with a tenderness and maternal affection that needs no words to be felt.

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The Friendly Waiter

How many times have you sat down to dine at a restaurant at home and been served with a stony yet professional indifference? At a taverna in Greece you sit down not only as a customer but as a friend, and I’ve had the pleasure of being welcomed into many. You can expect to be greeted with smiles, showered with attentiveness and before long you’ll be expectantly anticipating the waiters return to your table so you can continue your conversation.

During my time spent in Greek tavernas I’ve learnt of one waiters eclectic hat collection and another’s long distance relationship with his Lithuanian wife. I’ve even experienced a waiter being told off and ushered swiftly back to work mid conversation by his superior. I guess our conversation about my home country, New Zealand, got a little too animated and distracting. This is a prime example of the openness of Greek people, their warm authenticity and genuine interest makes for an experience like no other.

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The Charming Sales Assistant

Shoppers beware! Greeks are not your average salespeople. They have a confident authority and charisma that manages to turn even the most strong-willed person into an enthusiastic customer. They’ll insist on you carrying a basket for the one item you’re holding that will soon turn into a few. They’ll flash a smile and a menu all while striking up a compelling conversation that leaves you lingering and almost always dining at their restaurant. So, consider yourself forewarned, you may be coming away from your shopping expedition with a little more than you intended.

The Holiday Romance

The Greek islands are one of the most romantic destinations in the world. You can see why when you experience the sunsets in Santorini and the golden beaches in Mykonos, delectable food and good wine. All aspects of Greece that will make you fall in love, and maybe more literally than you ever expected! Perhaps it’s because when traveling there are boundless opportunities to meet new people, you’re mingling with like minded free spirits and on holiday you’re relaxed, carefree and awe inspired, all things that spell a recipe for romance. Still, there’s no denying that Greece has a special kind of captivating magic and if you let it Greece will steal your heart, but so might someone else and next thing you know you’re returning home sun-kissed, in more ways than one.

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The Greek Male

Another person you’re likely to encounter, specifically for travellers of the female variety, is the Greek male. Typically of an older generation, with a weathered face and an open smile, these men have a notorious amount of charm. Their direct and bold approach is a little different for those who aren’t used to it. With a gentle and straightforward manner, he’ll leave you feeling flattered and offended all at the same time. But, after you’ve refused his offer of a coffee date, with a complement and a wink he’ll be on his way… most likely back home to his wife.

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The Friend

This is the best one of them all, and if you’re lucky enough to meet them you’ll gain a friend for life. It’ll be someone who not only opens their home to you but also their heart. They’ll show you their country with the vigor and passion that only a Greek can. You’ll be swept away in a whirlwind of assertive hospitality which will leave you wanting for nothing and discovering places you never would have found on your own. Friendship is something we all treasure, but a Greek friend really is the ultimate souvenir. Plus, it also makes for a great excuse to return!

  • Nothing helps to immerse you in culture more than meeting the people of Greece. Who are you hoping to meet on your travels?

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