The Best Destinations For Each Month of Greece – Tips & Advice

The Best Destinations For Each Month of Greece – Tips & Advice

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The best destinations around Greece for every month of the year. Whether you are considering a summer escape or looking for some Greek winter destinations this article will help you plan your next Greek holidays.

Find out what to pack for each month, the best destinations you can explore and what to expect from each season.

Greece in January

  • What to pack for Greece in January:

Temperatures in January in Greece hover around 5 °C to 15 °C during the day. (42 – 55 °F)

You will want proper winter clothes if you are planning on a sightseeing holiday around the country and heavy winter equipment for your mountain or skiing excursions.

The southern islands will be slightly warmer but still cold enough to require a rain and wind jacket.

  • You will enjoy Greece in January if:

You want to enjoy a family-oriented and traditional aspect of the country. Plenty of religious and cultural festivities take place during the month of January, especially in the capital.

Alternatively, this is a great time to visit if you are a fan of winter sports.

  • Best destinations for Greece in January:

Athens, Meteora, and destinations in Central Greece like Arahova and Galaxidi.

Greece in February

  • What to pack for Greece in February:

On average, February gets about 9 days of rain and the temperature is at a high of 13 Celsius . However, you might also get quite a few days of sun and blue skies as did I in January and February in Arahova, where I sat outside having coffee or in Santorini during my winter trip in 2020. The mornings were warm enough to require a light jacket and I had breakfast and coffee outside without an issue!

Bring plenty of layers but plan for some rain and cold nights.

  • You will enjoy Greece in February if:

You enjoy crisp and sunny winter mornings and don’t mind a temperature drop during the afternoon and night.

Perfect for those looking to explore popular destinations during the off-season or if you are after the most affordable season.

  • Best destinations for Greece in February:

Athens and Patras nearby for the Tsiknopempti and carnival parade celebrations.

Pindus and the villages of Zagarohoria in Epirus.

Greece in March

  • What to pack for Greece in March:

Warmer days and more hours of daylight but still need a warmer jacket overall. In the south of Greece you will find temperatures hovering around 17 C and in the north about 13 C.

You will still find snow on the mountains.

  • You will enjoy Greece in March if:

You enjoy seeing nature come alive and love mild spring weather.

March is marked by the most important religious holiday of the year, Easter, so you can also use this opportunity to observe Christian and cultural practices or taste some vegan, fasting food on offer all around Greece.

  • Best destinations for Greece in March:

Bigger cities like Athens and Thessaloniki are great for the 25th of March public holiday celebrations

You will also enjoy cities around Central Greece like Galaxidi and most of the islands will now be picking up again. Crete, Rhodes, and Santorini are great options.

Greece in April

  • What to pack for Greece in April:

Temperature average of 21 C call for light spring clothing with cardigans, and a light jacket.

  • You will enjoy Greece in April if:

You prefer mild days to hot summer days and as few crowds as possible. Nature lovers will also find this the best time of the year for exploration and hiking trips.

  • Best destinations for Greece in April:

Chios island in the northern Aegean puts on an incredible show for Easter.

Most of the islands in the Cyclades and Ionian Sea are welcoming visitors and have very competitive prices.

Here are some great Greek islands to visit in April and May.

Greece in May

  • What to pack for Greece in May:

May is a very pleasant month that can also bring with hot summer-like days. Bring your summer clothes and a light cardigan just in case.

  • You will enjoy Greece in May if:

You want the best of a summer holiday in the Greek islands without the crowds or the peak-season prices.

  • Best destinations for Greece in May:

Some of the most popular destinations like Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes and Crete are best seen just before the crowds begin to arrive.

Greece in June

  • What to pack for Greece in June:

The weather in Greece is early June averages 26 degrees Celsius with higher temperatures the closer you get to July. Mostly summer clothes and beachwear will suffice and a very light jacket if you go higher in the mountains.

  • You will enjoy Greece in June if:

You want summer holidays and love to be under the sun weather that is sunbathing or exploring the villages and archaeological spots around the country.

  • Best destinations for Greece in June:

June is a perfect time to hit all the islands but for something a bit different consider the Peloponnese in the south of Greece.

There is so much to see and do depending on the type of travel you had in mind. From the charming little towns of Nafplio and Aigio to the history of Corinth and Sparta, the options are endless.

Greece in July

  • What to pack for Greece in July:

There is no denying that Greece in July gets very hot! Sunglasses, lots of light and airy layers and of course bathing suits are necessary items! The average temperature in Greece in July is around 33 degrees.

  • You will enjoy Greece in July if:

You are a beach and sun lover and love to spend your days by the water or a seaside taverna enjoying a traditional Greek meal.

  • Best destinations for Greece in July:

Any island in the Cyclades, Ionian Sea or Dodecanese will be operating at full capacity in July. Look for smaller islands without airports if you wish to avoid the crowds.

Greece in August

  • What to pack for Greece in August:

The lightest clothes you have, preferably cotton or linen or some other cool fabric.

  • You will enjoy Greece in August if:

August is when a lot of Greeks go on holiday. This means August is often marked by a certain “slowness”. Indulge in a siesta, go to the taverna as soon as the sun goes down and fall in love with the beach!

  • Best destinations for Greece in August:

August is the month for summer festivals or panigiria all around the Greek islands. Ikaria island is one of the most popular spots during August but so worth it if you plan ahead.

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Greece in September

September is often just as hot as August, especially the first few weeks but the nights begin to be cooler so bring a long a few light cardigans or jackets and some long pants just in case.

  • You will enjoy Greece in September if:

You prefer being on holiday when everyone else is beginning to go back to work. Warm waters and mild temperatures perfect for sightseeing, sunbathing and everything in between!

  • Best destinations for Greece in September:

Crete island is one of the best islands to visit in September. The weather is consistently great all throughout September and in addition to beaches, cultural and incredible food there is also a healthy party scene.

Greece in October

  • What to pack for Greece in October:

You will need in between season layers, with a good balance of summer and autumn clothing.

  • You will enjoy Greece in October if:

You prefer cooler nights and warm days and are not after just a beach holiday. Ideal for those looking to explore hiking trails on the islands or the mainland and all fitness fans whether you prefer climbing, running or hiking.

  • Best destinations for Greece in October:

In Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece in the north, October brings an array of cultural events and festivities. Don’t miss the ‘Dimitria’ in celebration of Saint Demetrius, the patron saint of the city.

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Greece in November

  • What to pack for Greece in November:

Prepare for a cold autumn day with lots of layers and a jacket that can be used to protect you from rain and wind. The most adventurous can still put a swimsuit in there, just in case, and you may still find a lot of “winter swimmers” around the beaches. This is also a good thing to keep in mind if you want to visit thermal pools or if you are staying in hotels with heated pools.

  • You will enjoy Greece in November if:

You are not after a beach holiday or a party destination. Slow travel with an emphasis on culture and nature and plenty of relaxing moments. Hikers, nature explorers and athletes will find a multitude of sport and fitness-related events taking place around Greece in November.

  • Best destinations for Greece in November:

Rhodes is one of the sunniest islands year-round and a great destination for those still set on an island. Alternatively, mainland destinations around Central Greece, Meteora and northern Greece will offer stunning autumn colours and a relaxing holiday experience.

Greece in December

  • What to pack for Greece in December:

You will probably get a mix of blue skies and mild sunny days perfect for sightseeing and some cold winds and rain especially in the northern part of the country or the islands.

Plenty of warm layers and a waterproof jacket are required especially for those looking to be outside a lot.

  • You will enjoy Greece in December if:

You prefer the quiet season and are not discouraged by the lack of organized tours on the islands and top tourist destinations. Free-spirit, solo travellers or those seeking an authentic side of Greece will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Best destinations for Greece in December:

The charming village of Palaios Panteleimonas, Meteora, Athens and cities next to the ski resorts.

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