The Most Underrated Greek Islands In The Country

The Most Underrated Greek Islands In The Country

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You might be guilty of giving two Greek islands all your attention. And yes, you guessed it, those two islands are Santorini and Mykonos. But Greece has over 6,000 islands, and while they’re not all inhabited, I think we can agree that some of these deserve your attention too. Santorini and Mykonos are gorgeous destinations, but if you want something really unique, Greece has just the place you might be looking for.

The underrated Greek islands. They’re less explored, less known, quiet and off the beaten track, but they are by no means any less beautiful. As well as giving you a chance to meet the locals and really delve deep into Greek culture and traditions, another bonus of these underrated Greek islands is that they are more budget friendly. So, let’s dive in!

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Serifos is an island located just a few hours away from Athens. It is one of the Cycladic islands so that means, like Santorini and Mykonos it has those iconic whitewashed houses with quaint blue windows. But here it’s a little bit different. The main town on this island is located up on a hill, which offers stunning views of the harbour.

In Serifos you can enjoy the quiet and even stay at a camping ground if you wish to indulge in nature. There are, of course, many beautiful beaches to explore. Because it is not as well known as the other Cycladic islands, you may not have heard of Serifos, but this underrated Greek island is definitely worth a visit.

Saronic Gulf

This isn’t just one underrated Greek island but a cluster of islands, located in the Saronic gulf. The Saronic Gulf is conveniently close to the capital and these islands are just a short ferry ride away. So, if you are only spending a few days in Athens but still want to experience the Greek islands, this might be perfect.

Poros, Hydra and Aegina are all situated in the Saronic Gulf and they are often visited all together. If you take a cruise you can spend a few days on each island exploring the dreamy beaches they have to offer. On Hydra, no cars are allowed on the island, so it really gives you that old town Greece feel.


Milos is one of the most romantic island destinations! Despite this, it does not receive as much attention as some of the others in the Cyclades. This makes it another underrated Greek island you need to put on your radar. Adamas is the main town in Milos. Here you can hire a rental car and explore the beautiful beaches and fisherman villages around the island.

One of the most famous beaches in Milos is Sarakiniko. On this moonscape like setting you can enjoy the crystal-clear turquoise waters and bask on the smooth bright white volcanic rock! This is an incredibly unique beach that is a highlight of the island.

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Lefkada is known for having beaches that consistently rank as some of the best in the world. Yet, surprisingly it is still underrated. The rich blue waters of the Ionian Sea offer endless chances for adventure. Perhaps you’d like to give windsurfing a try? Whether you explore this island by car or hiking, it is perfect for the whole family.

The unique beaches and sophisticated capital are an enticing part of Lefkada. The island gives you a distinct feeling of untamed beauty, untouched by tourism. A sensation reserved for these lesser known and underrated parts of the country!

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Ikaria is further away than most, which is probably why it is one of the underrated Greek islands on our list. However, it is also one of the Greek islands with an airport, so flying here can save you the 8-hour ferry ride from Athens. One of the things that draws people to Ikaria is the locals. They are a fine example of why travellers fall in love with the Greek people.

Ikaria is a “Blue Zone”, which means it has a high percentage of centennials. The life expectancy of people on the island is over 90 years of age! When you visit Ikaria you are truly immersed in the love, culture and hospitality that the Ikarians have to offer. And perhaps you can learn a thing or two about longevity. I heard the secret is Greek wine!


With this underrated Greek island you are truly spoiled for choice. On Lemnos you can find sand dunes similar to those of the Sahara. You’ll see stunning beaches, ancient cities and Frankish castles. All set in a backdrop of an otherworldly volcanic landscape! I’m sure you’re already intrigued.

As well as an incredible natural environment, Lemnos has amazing night life and its incredibly budget friendly. Lemnos is particularly special for those traveling from Australia or New Zealand, or anywhere in the Commonwealth, as this island was where the ANZAC troops left for Gallipoli.

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