The Best Places In Greek Mythology You Can Still Visit Today

The Best Places In Greek Mythology You Can Still Visit Today

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From the Greek heroes to the Greek gods and everything in between there is something about Greek mythology that stirs a fascination in locals and travellers alike. Many places in Greece have the appeal of both history and myth, which is part of what makes visiting them so magical.

Amazingly, many of these places from Greek mythology can still be visited today. The stories we have read about them outdate us by thousands of years, and yet today they’re still standing. They are shrouded in a special kind of mystery that leaves us wanting to uncover their ancient secrets.

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Mount Olympus

This is one of the most well known places in Greek mythology, as it was home to the twelve Olympian gods. Mount Olympus is arguably the most famous mountain in the world thanks to Zeus and his godly associates. Towering into the sky at 2,917 metres this mountain sits above the clouds and it is where they feasted upon nectar and ambrosia.

Today the mountain is one of the places in Greek mythology that attracts thousands of visitors every year. For nature lovers, it is impossible to bypass this famous hike and of course it has the added lure of Greek mythology. If you enjoy hiking you can find out exactly what it’s like to climb this mountain!


Delos island is well known in Greek mythology as the birthplace of the Greek gods Apollo and Artemis. Their story is an interesting one. Zeus had an affair with the Titan goddess Leto who soon fell pregnant with the twins, Artemis and Apollo. His wife Hera was furious at his betrayal and exacted revenge. She cursed Leto by making it impossible for her to give birth anywhere on land. This was until Poseidon came to her rescue. Being the god of the sea, he offered her a haven on the island of Delos. It was here that she was able to safely give birth to her children.

Today the island of Delos is one of the places in Greek mythology you can still visit today. The island lies off Mykonos and you can get here with a short boat ride. You can also do a day trip from Paros, Ios and Naxos. Delos was one of the most important religious centres in Classical times. Nowadays this island is extremely unique. It has a strict no visitors after dark policy and it is forbidden to give birth or die on the island, just like in ancient times. Delos gives you the chance to explore a place left completely undisturbed since the early centuries AD.

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Knossos Palace

Long ago, King Minos lived in the beautiful Palace of Knossos on the Greek island of Crete. He was given an exquisite bull to sacrifice to the god Poseidon but rather than sacrifice it he kept it for himself. As punishment, Poseidon made his wife fall in love with the creature, to which she had a son. From this coupling the Minotaur was born, a monster that was half man half bull. To keep this ghastly creature hidden it was kept inside a labyrinth, a twisting maze that the Minotaur could not escape.

You can still visit the Palace of Knossos today. This place from Greek mythology will captivate your imagination. Walking through the remains of this ancient city is an unforgettable experience. Make sure you make a stop at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, where most of the discoveries from Knossos are exhibited.

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Thebes is a place that you will find mentioned in many Greek myths. It was the hometown of the Greek hero Hercules, before he went on to undertake his 12 labours. It is also the place where the hero Oedipus defeated the sphinx that tormented the city. You may also have heard of Cadmus, the founding king of Thebes.

Today you can easily visit this place from Greek mythology as it is only an hours drive from Athens. Thebes is located in the region of Boeotia in Central Greece. One of the main attractions of the city is its museum. The Archaeological Museum has a myriad of unique and precious remains.


This beautiful little island in the Ionian sea was a special place in Greek mythology. The island of Ithaka was home to the Greek hero Odysseus. So powerful was his desire to return home after the Trojan War that not even witches’ or goddesses’ promises of immortality or even fatal poisons could frighten him away. Ithaka is forever immortalised by Homer in his ‘Odyssey’. Perhaps this is why people are drawn to its shores. The island enchants all the travellers who are lucky enough to experience its magic.

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Delphi is the place famous in Greek mythology for its oracle, or Pythia. You’ll come to find that in many myths the hero will come to a crossroads in their life. To decide what they’ll do next they travel to consult the oracle of Delphi. While Delphi holds a significant place in mythology, these stories are more than mere myth.

The presence of an oracle in Delphi has been recorded for hundreds of years. From 1400 BC to 381 AD Delphi maintained various oracles. The Pythia was always a woman and a revered member of ancient Greek society as she had the ability to channel the God Apollo. Her presence made Delphi a place of pilgrimage in ancient times. Delphi and the Sanctuary of Apollo is still famous today for this very reason.

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